Feeling lonely

It’s normal to feel lonely or isolated sometimes. If it feels like these feelings are taking over, we’re here to help.

Why people feel lonely

You don’t need to be physically alone or cut off to feel lonely. You might be surrounded by other people. But it can feel like you’re on your own or that no one understands how you feel. 

Loneliness can make us feel down. And if you feel like this, you can get help.

Things that can help if you feel lonely:

  • tell someone you trust how you feel
  • get support on the message boards
  • get positive ideas to uplift your mood with our coping kit 
  • track how you feel on the mood journal
  • think about positive things
  • don't be hard on yourself - it can take time to feel better.

Watch: Coping with loneliness

Trusting others

If you’ve been hurt by people in the past, it can be hard to trust new people you meet. This can make you feel lonely. Over time, you’ll meet so many people that not every person will become a close friend. 

When you meet someone new, give yourself time to get to know them properly before you trust them. Think about what you like about them. If you can’t think of many good things about them, or aren't sure how you feel about them, this might mean that they're going to be just someone you know rather than a close friend.

helping each other out and
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Living in care or moving around

If you’re living in care or away from your family, you might feel that you are completely alone. But there are people who can help, and remember that we’re always here.

Moving out of your home, or moving in and out of care can be really stressful. It can also cause feelings of sadness. There are people who can help you find ways to cope and take positive steps to move forward with your life and not feel so lonely.

Find out more about asking an adult for help.

What you can do

If you're feeling lonely, you could:

Olly Alexander from Years & Years talks about opening up