Exam results

Waiting for exam results can be a difficult time. But if you’re anxious or worried, remember that exam results are just the start of your future, and there are options no matter what grades you get.

Dealing with disappointing results

Didn’t get the exam results you needed? First of all, try not to panic. Even if you haven’t got the results you expected, you’ve still got lots of options. And you can get help with any decisions you have to make. You could:

  • apply for a different course or qualification
  • resit your exams
  • look at new career ideas.

If you're upset, disappointed, or worried about your future, it can really help to talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling. And Childline is always here for you.

Exam results days in 2016:

  • Scottish Higher exam results - Tuesday 9 August 
  • A-level results - Thursday 18 August
  • GCSE results - Thursday 25 August.

See the UCAS website for more key dates.

Telling your parents about your results

If you’re disappointed with your exam results, you might find it hard to tell your parents or carers. But talking to them can really help.

They should try to support you. And help you to make the decisions you need to make. It can take a while for parents to understand how you feel. For some parents, it can feel as if it’s something that’s happened to them and not just to you.

But don’t be put off having a conversation about what’s happened because you think you'll make someone angry or upset. Because it’s also good to have this conversation so that they know what you’re dealing with.

No matter how the conversation goes, remember that you can always talk to Childline about any worry you have about exams or your future.

You can also get advice and support from other young people on the message boards.

What do I do now?

Building yourself back up

Getting your exam results can feel like the most important thing in the world. And it can be hard to get yourself back on track if the results weren’t what you expected. But there are ways to build your confidence.

  • Write a list  
    This can help you to see how far you’ve come, what you've achieved and how much you’ve learnt along the way
  • Spend time with your friends and family
    They can help to talk through your options and help you feel better about the future
  • Do things you enjoy
    Whether it’s reading, or running, hobbies can distract you and make you feel good about yourself.