Understand Me

It can be hard to talk when you’re being judged on your race, religion or culture. But we've got advice to support you.

Stereotypes can make you feel judged

What are stereotypes?

A stereotype is an assumption someone makes about you based on your racereligion, ethnicity, gender or sexuality, whether you're transgender or if you're d/Deaf or disabled.

If you've been affected by stereotypes, you might:

If you've been judged because of how you look it can make you feel upset, angry or powerless. But we're here to support you.

Things to remember about stereotypes

  • They're not based on truth.
  • No one has the right to judge you.
  • Everyone deserves to be treated as an individual.
  • You can get support if you're being treated badly.
  • We're here to listen to you.

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Get help from other young people

Sometimes it can help to talk to other young people who’ve had similar experiences.

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What you can do

When you’ve been stereotyped or discriminated against it can feel difficult trusting people. And hearing comments based on stereotypes can be hard. But there are things you can try to help you cope.

Helping a friend

If a friend is being judged based on their race, religion or culture it can have a big affect on them. But there are ways to help.

  • Tell them that you're there to support them.
  • Talk to an adult you trust about what's happening.
  • Help them to feel better by doing something you both enjoy.
  • Keep away from the bullies.
  • Ask your friend how they feel.


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