Creative Writing

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  1. Anxiety

    Started by Jshsbnssnsnnsnd / 18/03/2018 21:21 / Replies 0
    Hello fellow children/teenagers, recently i have been feeling very stressed about going to school...
  2. The Foundry

    Started by Jester51 / 05/11/2017 22:33 / Replies 53
    So alright, most of us are here because we’re miserable (I know I am). Looking through these page...

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    By Mona-2017 /
  3. Songs

    Started by hegatron / 14/03/2018 19:48 / Replies 4
    ​ hi, i sometimes write some songs. here is the chorus of a song ive been working on ​...

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    By hegatron /
  4. Just a poem about my feelings.

    Started by TheTiredChildOfScotland06 / 18/03/2018 01:43 / Replies 1
    You ask if I'm ok, I'm sitting alone, I say I'm fine, but I'm lying. I'm not fine, I'm hurt, I ju...

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    By Yazzy136 /
  5. Liar

    Started by BrokenGhost / 10/03/2018 23:45 / Replies 3
    Everyone lies. We lie about love and about hate. We lie about emotions, and we lie about ourselve...

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    By BrokenGhost /
  6. A start of a story I made

    Started by IwillNeverlivemydream / 09/02/2018 16:33 / Replies 16
    Just an opening paragraph I made up one day, hope you like it!... The centaur galloped over the f...

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    By InvisibleGirl39 /
  7. Cringe story

    Started by That-Hades-Kid / 11/03/2018 15:40 / Replies 1
    Hi! I aspire to be an author and write a captivating sci-fi/fantasy series one day. I have a few ...

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    By Miecon /
  8. Body

    Started by supernatural123 / 06/01/2018 12:53 / Replies 3
    She holds it. Pulls, squeezes, punches. She doesn't want it It's all over her, it wraps around he...

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    By That-Hades-Kid /
  9. Random Story.

    Started by Oyster / 28/02/2018 21:43 / Replies 3
    My eyes glided across the screen, my tears becoming more and more melancholic every time I witnes...

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    By BrokenGhost /
  10. Untruthful

    Started by Ravenclaw2007 / 09/03/2018 20:51 / Replies 0
    I say I am fine happy in fact but inside I feel nothing ​ i say I am sad miserable in fact ...