Creative Writing

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  1. My Diary Blog

    Started by TinyBlue / 13/12/2019 17:55 / Replies 0
    Greetings lovely people! 😂🥰 I have seen a few people do this and I thought it was a fantastic i...
  2. One word story game

    Started by RainbowGlitterCorn / 25/11/2019 23:42 / Replies 16
    So i love this game its super fun and basically we write a story and each person says a word. Its...

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    By 7-Amazon-7 /
  3. Poem

    Started by GuitarStrummer29 / 28/11/2019 15:12 / Replies 4
    Hi, so this is my first thread and I wanted to write a fun, light poem about stars thats quite da...

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    By GuitarStrummer29 /
  4. my life in year 4

    Started by pug233 / 08/02/2019 17:35 / Replies 2
    part 2 everyone was staring at me like i was an alien or something the lady asked me if i would l...

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    By GabriellaD /
  5. My little corner of the internet

    Started by ACandyCane / 29/11/2019 16:09 / Replies 4
    Hi Guys, So recently I’ve started getting back into my creative writing and started getting back ...

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    By ACandyCane /
  6. Those girls

    Started by mirrors / 18/11/2019 17:05 / Replies 3
    I claimed I hated those girls, the popular girls who had no respect for the teachers and wore ski...

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    By Michelle345 /
  7. Anxiety

    Started by Excitedllama / 07/11/2019 18:22 / Replies 2
    before you read this, just to clarify, i don’t have anxiety, but i want people to understand how ...

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    By Excitedllama /
  8. What they’ve done to me

    Started by Nightgirl13 / 27/11/2019 15:31 / Replies 6
    i sit in class, silent, head down. a note arrives, and the teachers hands it to me. i leave, pray...

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    By Nightgirl13 /
  9. If I just went away...

    Started by Michelle345 / 28/11/2019 17:09 / Replies 0
    If I just went away where would I go? It could be so easy just to go away. I might be in a little...
  10. My life is a mess-Story

    Started by HiIhaveDyscalculia900 / 06/11/2019 21:04 / Replies 3
    Based on my life ​ Puberty, the thing we all dread...The thing I’ve never had.I’m not inter...

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