Creative Writing

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  1. Being a Teen in 2018 - It's a Dangerous World Out There

    Started by Melancholic-Ambience / 24/06/2018 22:04 / Replies 0
    The echoing of my heartbeat, it's so loud. Too loud to be natural. Pages of my history are filled...
  2. Bored

    Started by Toxicpink / 22/06/2018 10:10 / Replies 0
    I’m bored. So I occupy myself with feelings I thought that works But all I have is the broken bea...
  3. Emma’s Blog

    Started by TheQueenPrincess / 09/04/2018 05:03 / Replies 21
    Hey!! Okay, for the third and final time Im going to try keep a blog!! For those that dont know m...

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  4. Story

    Started by SillyCrazyGirl / 18/06/2018 01:45 / Replies 4
    lets start a story and lets see how it goes from there once there was a castle on a hill. the cas...

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  5. Getting your work out there

    Started by WatchInAPocket / 14/06/2018 16:56 / Replies 1
    Hi! There are many great stories written on here, and I wanted to share some advice with everyone...

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  6. Humanity restored

    Started by Flosster / 28/05/2018 22:57 / Replies 2
    a little story i saw on pinterest the other day: one day a mother is reading a magazine, her youn...

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  7. Moments

    Started by BrokenGhost / 17/06/2018 00:03 / Replies 0
    First moments, and last. The first time on a swing, the first time you fall off a swing. The last...
  8. Fear

    Started by Puff-369 / 15/06/2018 21:03 / Replies 0
    Feeling scared Do i dare Talk to people Going up a steep hill If I fall , will someone catch me I...
  9. The worry

    Started by Puff-369 / 15/06/2018 20:59 / Replies 0
    The feeling grabs me The fear holds me The hope silences me Time drowns me Is there a way out? It...
  10. Just a creative writing piece for homework :)

    Started by Beth1510 / 12/06/2018 01:12 / Replies 0
    Melissa sat on the polished mahogany swing, swaying amongst the giant oak trees it was tied betwe...