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  1. Gone: a poem for my Granda

    Started by Iamnonbinary / 15/10/2018 20:52 / Replies 0
    This poem is about my Granda who died when i was 2 Gone A pearly white smile spread across her fa...
  2. Be there to see it /

    Started by Temporary22907823 / 14/10/2018 23:46 / Replies 0
    Three years ago, I stood in a storm, Blood on my wrist, Tears in my eyes, Death on my mind. Two y...
  3. Perfect

    Started by beccaonmars / 04/10/2018 22:37 / Replies 1
    Perfection. Strive to have not one flaw, Conform to societal expectations. Stereotypes. Carbon co...

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  4. Kamen Rider and my life

    Started by Clumpy-The-Spartan-Racer / 11/10/2018 20:39 / Replies 1
    Things just didn't go good, Day's gone bad. Cried a bit, Not sure what to do. ​ But at leas...

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    By Temporary22907823 /
  5. I just want to write this down

    Started by ---Katie--- / 10/10/2018 23:10 / Replies 1
    Let there be hope in your heart, For beneath the dying sun's arc, There will always be rainbows i...

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  6. My mother's a hypocrite

    Started by Flutter-butter / 08/09/2018 14:35 / Replies 5
    my mothers a hypocrite and I'll tell you why every word she seems to say is a lie thinking this w...

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  7. no more lying

    Started by MakeYourOwnMagic / 21/09/2018 10:47 / Replies 3
    i dont care not much maybe a little ok a lot but no one can see including me ​ i dont hurt ...

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  8. In the Movies.

    Started by Eek2006 / 06/10/2018 17:40 / Replies 1
    In the movies, everything turns out okay. In the movies, they sail through life freely. In the mo...

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  9. don't give up

    Started by PaperDoll339 / 27/09/2018 23:00 / Replies 2
    life is hard life is pain ​ don't give up on life today u have more chances in other ways o...

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    By Unicornsaresoawesome /
  10. Black Hole

    Started by moomin26 / 30/09/2018 19:11 / Replies 2
    Black hole is where I live, Black hole is my home, And all she ever does is make it smaller. Blac...

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    By P3RS0N /