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  1. I miss you.

    Started by amazingant / 11/07/2020 17:51 / Replies 5
    I really hate you. But I miss you more. I want you to walk through the door. My heart stings, whe...

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    By JamMc67 /
  2. Poem .....called.....'my birth family'

    Started by rocky2294 / 24/10/2019 19:09 / Replies 972
    I am adopted, i have been since age 3 and i'm 17 now. I have never met my parents since. so this ...

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    By Monty- /
  3. Others arguing

    Started by -Different- / 07/07/2020 10:45 / Replies 0
    Hi, whenever theres arguing in my house im almost always part of it, so it was a new experience f...
  4. Follow my heart-a poem

    Started by Pizzahater / 26/02/2020 19:01 / Replies 3
    They say, follow your heart, but if your heart, is in a million pieces, which one do you follow? ...

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    By -Different- /
  5. HOPEFULLY-HELPFUL-QUOTE-OF-THE-WEEK #9 (29/06/2020 - 5/07/2020)

    Started by Abagel / 05/07/2020 07:15 / Replies 0
    'Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.' - Les Brown Sorry it's late. Have a great we...
  6. Poem

    Started by Ce-Nedra / 01/07/2020 13:36 / Replies 0
    Where am I Darkness engulfing me blind to where i am Drownung in tears no attempt to find air Fre...
  7. Poem about how i feel i made up(Hope it seems like a poem)

    Started by Nate-Hi / 16/06/2020 20:32 / Replies 1
    Everyday i wake up, Oh no, its another day Another day of being stuck in the wrong body I dont wa...

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    By Alonely /
  8. Sharing Poetry

    Started by JalapenoFace / 18/06/2020 11:43 / Replies 4
    Hi guys So I've been reading some of the poems that some people post on here, and I thought it wo...

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    By JalapenoFace /
  9. An unfinished song

    Started by ThereAreNoOtherNames / 12/06/2020 18:08 / Replies 4
    Can’t explain what I’m going through Wish life got better it’s not going to No idea what I’m gonn...

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    By ThereAreNoOtherNames /
  10. tired

    Started by psycheis / 18/06/2020 00:59 / Replies 1
    i am tired my bones are aching my mind is breaking under the pressure of the world ​ i am n...

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    By Jess5JJ /