Nobody is Normal

It can be tough sometimes when you’re feeling different. But we’re here for you, whatever you’re going through. 


Feeling different

Everyone is different, which means that nobody is normal. But sometimes that can make you feel left out or alone.

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Lots of things can make you feel different, you might:

  • look different to the people around you, or be deaf or disabled
  • struggle with your mental health
  • worry about how people will react to your sexuality or gender identity
  • have experienced something difficult
  • feel self-conscious about the way you look
  • be scared to share what’s happening at home.

Or lots of other things.

Whatever’s making you feel different, it doesn’t mean you have to cope alone.

Coping with feeling different

There is nothing wrong with being different from other people. But if feeling different is making you feel isolated or upset, then there are things you can do to feel better:

Talk to us

Our counsellors are here to talk to you about anything. You can say as much or as little as you feel able to, and they’ll listen and support you.

They won’t judge you, or tell you what to do. But they can help you to think about the future, and if you’d like to change something. The counsellors are there every day, and there are lots of ways to contact us.