Coming out of lockdown

Lockdown may have been a really tough time for you, but we're here to help.

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Follow the latest guidance

As we come out of lockdown it is still important to follow the latest Government guidance on what the restrictions are.

It is still really important to maintain social distancing for now, which includes:

  • staying two metres (or two big steps) away from anyone you don’t live with
  • wearing a mask or face covering if you can
  • washing your hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds
  • using hand sanitiser
  • avoiding shaking hands or hugging people you don’t live with.

Get more advice on social distancing from the NHS website.

Mental health

You may feel that your mental health has suffered because of lockdown. Having to stay at home for such a long time may have been really hard. This could have caused you to feel low.

The pandemic may have also caused you to feel more anxious and worried. This could have also been made worse by not being able to see people who supported you such as your school counsellor or mental health services.

You deserve to get the support that you need and to be happy. If you feel that you are struggling with your mental health then you can always speak to a trusted adult such as your GP or school counsellor.

School work

You could feel really left behind with your school work and this may be really stressful. It’s understandable if you weren’t able to keep up with all your school work during lockdown, it was the first time you have been asked to study at home for such a long time.

You may also not like that exams have been replaced by assessments this year. It could be stressful to be continually assessed throughout the year. You could also be worried about how this year could affect your future and what changes could happen next year. We have some advice on dealing with assessment stress.

You may also not like being back at school. Maybe you preferred studying at home and being back at school is stressful because there are so many more people around.

It’s always good to share your worries and you deserve to be supported. Your teachers are there to help and guide you. Our conversation starter can make it easier to ask for help. You can also always talk to Childline.


Not being able to see your friends for such a long time could have been difficult. Maybe you feel that you have lost some friends because of lockdown and are feeling lonely.

Your friends could be feeling the same way, it could help to reach out to them. You can also always share your feelings with Childline and a trusted adult.

Home life

Your home life could have been really affected by the lockdown. Maybe it was a really upsetting time because family members were really ill and died from coronavirus. We have advice to help.

Perhaps home was really difficult, it may be that your parents were really stressed because they had lost their job and were struggling financially. You may even have experienced abuse. This could have been made worse because you had to spend so much time at home. None of this is your fault. Childline is always here to support you.