Feeling good on social media

Social media can make us feel anxious, sad or overwhelmed sometimes. We’ve got advice to help you stay in control.

Ways to feel good on social media

If you don’t feel good when you’re using social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok or Tumblr, we’ve got advice to help:

Tips for using social media

  • Think about what you should and shouldn’t share.
  • Not everything you see on social media is real or what it seems.
  • If something goes wrong, you can get support.

Coping with your mental health on social media

Lots of people use social media or online tools to help them cope with how they feel. Some young people find it easier talking online to people they’ve not met in person. Or they might meet someone online who’s going through the same thing as them.

But it’s important to think about whether the people you’re talking to are helping you to feel better. If you’re not sure, ask yourself whether talking to them:

  • makes you feel like things will never change
  • stops you getting support or talking to other people
  • only gives you one point of view, and stop other people from sharing theirs
  • pushes you to do things that might hurt you
  • makes you feel competitive about what’s happening
  • leaves you feeling worse after talking.

If you’re not sure whether talking online is making things in your life better, there are lots of other ways to get support as well.

Feeling sad or angry about something you've seen online? 
Try breathing in and out slowly with the calm cloud.

Being bullied on social media

Anyone can be bullied or trolled online. If it’s happening to you, there are ways to cope and get support:

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Problems sleeping

If you’re struggling to get to sleep because of what’s happening on social media, we’ve got advice to help:

  • Move your phone or device away from where you sleep
    Keeping your phone somewhere that’s further away from you when you’re trying to sleep can make it easier to stop checking messages or notifications that make you feel stressed.
  • Use a blue light filter
    Blue light filters can help stop your device from keeping you awake if you’re using it in the evening by lowering your screen’s blue light. Lots of devices have blue light filters built in – but if yours doesn’t you can download one as an app.
  • Talk about what’s happening
    Telling someone you trust what’s happening can help you to feel better and more able to cope.
  • Read our advice on getting to sleep
    We’ve got lots of advice on how to have a better night’s sleep.

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Thinking about what you share

A big part of social media is sharing things about your life. But it’s also important to think carefully about what you let other people see – especially if your account on YouTube, Instagram or any social media site is public (here’s how to change your settings).

We’ve got advice to make sure you feel good about what you’re sharing:


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