Top 6 puberty myths

Everyone has their own experiences during puberty and it can be useful to listen to some advice. However, it's important to know the facts and what's just not true. Read our page to find out the facts and the myths.

knowing what to expect

Puberty is a normal part of growing up, and it can affect you in different ways - some you'll notice and others you won't. 

It can be scary not knowing what to expect, especially when people at school might say different things about what happens during puberty. But you might find that some things just aren't true.

Find out what is fact and what's just a puberty rumour.

4 things to bear in mind:

  • you'll notice changes during puberty with your body and how you feel
  • it's a good idea to learn the facts so you know what to expect
  • it can be embarrassing talking about it, but talking to an adult can help
  • you can also ask others on the message boards.

you start puberty aged 10

Myth: "If you haven't started puberty by the time you are 10 you should see a doctor."

Fact: Puberty starts at different times for different people. Sometimes puberty can still be going on when you are in your twenties.

You'll go through lots of changes during puberty, some you'll notice and some you might not. Find out more about puberty.

mood swings aren't healthy

Myth: "Constantly having mood swings means there's something wrong with you."

Fact: Mood swings are a completely normal part of puberty. You may feel on top of the world one minute and really grumpy the next. Most people experience this when they're going through puberty. It's usually something you will grow out of.

MASTURBATIon is BAD for you

Myth: "Masturbating too much means you can't have a baby when you're older."

Fact: It's okay to masturbate. Masturbating doesn't mean you can't have a baby.

It won't make you blind, give you spots or make you insane either!


Myth: "A girl's breasts stop growing once they start having their periods."

Fact: A girl's breasts can keep growing until they are in their late teens or even when they are an adult.

Girl's breasts grow at different speeds, so it's important not to compare yourself to others. It's normal to worry about your body and how you look sometimes. Get advice on feeling good about how you look.

is that

Find out more about puberty

nits in your PUBIC HAIR

Myth: "If you don't shave your pubic hair, you could get lice or nits."

Fact: Some people shave their pubic hair, some people don't. It's up to you. You won't get lice just because you haven't shaved.

If you do get pubic lice, you can get treatment from a pharmacy or doctor to get rid of them.

no period means PREGNANT

Myth: "If a girl misses a period, it means she's pregnant."

Fact: If a girl misses her period it can sometimes mean she's pregnant – but not always. You might have missed your period for another reason. If you miss two or three periods you should see a doctor who will be able to help you.