Puberty and your body

Puberty is when your body grows and develops to become an adult, and it can affect you in lots of different ways. Find out what to expect.

What is puberty?

Puberty is when your body goes through a series of changes to help you grow. It’s a little different for everyone, and what happens can vary based on your sex.

Puberty can start from 8 years old, but it'll often be later. Your body will produce hormones to start puberty, and these can also affect how you’re feeling.

Usually, changes in your body will go on for a few years after you start, and most will finish puberty by the time they turn 18.

Sometimes puberty can feel confusing, stressful, or embarrassing, but you’re not alone.

4 facts about puberty

  • You’ll experience both physical and emotional changes.
  • Puberty doesn’t happen all at once, it takes a few years.
  • You’re not alone, and people can go through puberty differently.
  • It’s okay to ask questions when you’re not sure.

What to expect during puberty

Getting help if you're worried

It’s natural to have questions or worries about puberty, but you’re not alone. For some people, puberty can also have a big effect on their mental health.

Whatever’s on your mind, we’re here to support you. Why not try:

Whatever's happening, you can always talk to us as well.