Building confidence after online bullying

Online bullying can really knock your confidence. But you can try taking control. You can build up your confidence and feel better about yourself. Find out how. 


Cyber bullying or bullying on social networks is upsetting and confusing. You might really struggle to feel confident afterwards. But we’re here to help you build your confidence back up bit by bit.

You could try all of these ideas, or just the ones that sound right for you. You may have to find the right combination of things. So stick with it and keep trying our tips for feeling confident.

And often the more confident you feel, the more you can deal with bullying. 

Things to remember:

  • talk to someone you trust
  • write down how you're feeling 
  • use our Art box to help you express yourself
  • you're not alone.

7 ways to feel in control

Build your confidence after online bullying

that feeling when
you know
it's going to get better

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Go on a cyber holiday

It can be difficult to take your mind off online bullying sometimes. This is natural.

But the problem with worrying about online bullying is that it gives you no time to relax and enjoy yourself. And this isn't healthy for you. It’s really important to have time to be ‘you’ and not have to worry about online it.

You could go on a ‘cyber holiday’ where you don’t go on any social networks for a set amount of time. It might be a few days or it could be a week. It’s up to you. You could tell everyone that you won’t be going online for a while. Or, if you prefer, you don’t have to announce it. You can just take a break for a while. It might be difficult, but it could help break the cycle of bullying until you feel confident enough to go back on.

Why not set yourself a small goal? Like instead of refreshing your profile every 5 minutes try something you enjoy. Do whatever helps you feel on top.

Try writing down your worries and keeping them in a box. You can then have a set amount of time when you take them out and think about them. Make a deal with yourself to keep your worrying to this time only. The rest of the time try to enjoy being yourself.

tips from other young people

  • Take a screenshot of the bullying, so you can show it to an adult.
  • Don’t be afraid to be the one who speaks out if a joke goes too far.
  • Block anyone who bullies you.
  • Know your rights. Under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2—3, you can report anyone who is ‘grossly offensive’ or causes ‘needless anxiety’. Find out how to block people on different social networks.
  • Don’t reply to a bullying status or message about you, it’s what they want you to do!
  • Report it to CEOP if the bullying involves a naked or topless image of you (or if people are trying to make you send these kinds of images), CEOP work with the police to help keep you safe online.

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