Zipit app

The app that helps you get flirty chat back on track, which has been designed with you in mind is there to help you to take control of your chat game.


If someone's trying to get you to send nudes, use the Zipit app to keep the situation under control.

Respond to unwanted chat with the power of GIFs taken straight from the app. We've made our own and chosen a selection of top ones from GIPHY.

Use the flirting guide to navigate intimate chats, including tips from other young people.


What you can do with Zipit:

  • save GIFs and images onto your device to share with friends
  • get advice to help you flirt while staying safe online
  • call Childline, or save the number to your phone.

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Download zipit

Zipit is available for Android smartphones and iPhones via the Google Play and Apple App store. It's free to download.

Just so you know, our privacy policy applies to our apps as well.

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We've got help and advice about sexting

Will I be charged to send Zipit GIFs in a message?

Zipit is free, but if you are sending Zipit GIFs or images as an MMS, then network charges may apply.

Have a look at your phone contract or the terms and conditions of Pay as You Go to make sure.

If you're not connected to wifi, Zipit will also use data to download the GIFs and images.

I can't download Zipit or it doesn't work on my phone

If you can't download Zipit, you might not have enough room on your phone. You need about 9MB free because it's full of GIFs! You could get rid of some old apps you don't use anymore and then try downloading it again.

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