Puberty for boys

Puberty is something we all go through to help you develop into a young man. But it might affect you in different ways. 

what happens during puberty?

Puberty is a series of changes your body goes through during your teens.

Your body starts to produce hormones which change your body and can also affect your emotions. And getting used to all the changes can be stressful.

Boys usually start puberty between the ages of 12 and 18. Some boys start puberty earlier and some later. Everyone's different.

Puberty also lasts for different lengths of time, depending on the person. Puberty might take a couple of years for all the changes to happen, or for some boys it could last as long as 4 years. This is completely normal and doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you.

5 things boys will experience during puberty:

  • voice gets deeper - some people might refer to this as your voice "breaking"
  • you'll get taller, bigger and more muscular
  • you might get spots and start to sweat more
  • pubic hair will start to grow - hair under your arms and around your penis and testicles (balls)
  • penis and testicles will grow larger.

what to expect during puberty

You'll go through lots of changes during puberty. Some changes are obvious to other people, like growing taller, and some only you will know about. 


Masturbation is when you touch your body and your genitals because it feels good or pleasurable. You can make yourself orgasm or 'come' by doing this.

Both girls and boys masturbate and it's completely normal. It's a way of discovering your body, how it makes you feel and what kind of things make you feel good during sex. Some people might say that it's wrong or that you shouldn't masturbate, but it's a normal part of life and not something to be ashamed of.

Your penis

Penises are all shapes and sizes. There's no right size or shape. Whatever size your penis is, you're normal. A penis can also change size. Sometimes it might be soft and small. Other times it may get bigger and harder.

A cold temperature can affect the size of a penis and can make it smaller, but this is only temporary until it warms up again. Some penises are straight and some might be curved slightly. Both are normal.

Penises in porn

Sometimes watching porn can start to change the way people see real life. In porn, the actors often have very large penises. Some of the men in porn have had penis enlargements – this is an operation to make their penis bigger.

In real life, most males have much smaller penises than the actors in porn. Try not to compare your body to others. Everyone is different.