Your rights

Everyone has rights. Rights help us stay safe and get fair treatment. You have different rights as you get older - like being allowed to leave home or drive a car.

What are rights?

Rights help us stay safe and get fair treatment. Everyone has different rights depending on their age. Adults are allowed to do some things that children aren't. But there are also rights you'll have at any age - like the right to have free medical care if you need it.

Remember your rights help you:

  • stay safe
  • understand the law
  • make decisions.

how do i know what's

Speak to our counsellors for support

What rights do I have?

your rights when you're deaf or disabled

If you're d/Deaf or disabled, there are laws to make sure you're treated equally and fairly at school, clubs and when you access services for support. The law is also there to protect you from being hurt.

Schools and places that support you have to make 'reasonable adjustments' to make sure you can use them. Reasonable adjustments can mean:

  • Making sure you can get into buildings or classrooms that you need to
  • Giving you the support you need to take part in lessons or activities
  • Offering you ways of accessing services, for example using BSL interpreters

Getting the support or changes you need isn't always easy, especially on your own. It can be difficult knowing who to ask or what you need to do first.

The laws are different depending on where you live. But if you're being treated unfairly, feeling excluded from things like sports or you need extra help, you can get help from an adult you trust.

What you can do