Homelessness is when you don’t have somewhere to live. If you’ve been made homeless or you’re worried about it, there are ways to get support.

What does being homeless mean?

Being homeless can mean living on the streets, but you can also be homeless if you have a place to stay. You can be considered to be homeless if you're:

  • sleeping rough on the streets
  • staying temporarily with a friend or family or 'sofa surfing'
  • living with your family in temporary accommodation
  • living in a B&B
  • squatting in a property.

You could also be considered homeless if you're able to stay at home but are unsafe if do because you're being hurt or abused.

4 things to remember if you're facing homelessness

  • Speak to your local council as soon as you can.
  • Make a list of people you trust who you could stay with if you had to.
  • Pack what you need, including warm clothes, a phone charger and anything else you might need like medication or ID.
  • Talk to your family or carers about ways you could stay at home.

What you can do if you're homeless

If you've been made homeless or you know you'll be made homeless in the future, it's important to get support.

Where you can get support and advice

There are lots of organisations and charities that can help if you've been made homeless.