Buddy Zone

Hi, thanks so much for visiting my page. Some of you may remember me from when I came to one of your assemblies. But if not, my name's Buddy, lovely to meet you.


It's so great to see you here. There is so much to do on the Childline website. Have you seen all the amazing games we have? There's Tower of Confidence where you can build your very own tower all the way up to the moon. In Build Your Happy Place you get to design your dream room. Mine has loads of chocolate fountains and mirror balls in it.

Buddy's Happy Place filled with mirror balls and chocolate fountains

You can also get creative in the Art Box and express how you are feeling.

Buddy drawing a circle with a pencil

If you are feeling angry or upset then visiting the Calm Zone may help. You can breathe in time with the calm cloud or try the yoga videos. The lion is my favourite, that's really fun. There are loads of other things there that can help you feel more calm.

Getting Help

Have you seen that there are advice pages for things you may be worried about? If you are ever worried or upset about anything it is always good to talk to a safe adult about it. 

It can sometimes be hard or scary to tell someone what's going on, but you always have the right to speak out and stay safe. Our conversation starter can help you plan what you want to say. The below guide may help you find the right way to tell your safe adult.

Buddy with children

how to tell someone

You don't have to go through this alone. It can feel scary, but it's good to talk to an adult you feel safe with about what's happening and how you are feeling.

Remember, it's not your fault.


Think about a safe adult you feel comfortable talking to. This could be someone at home, at school or a family member.


Choose a time when it's easy to talk. Think about when your safe adult has time to talk. Find somewhere safe and quiet if you can.


It's OK if it feels scary to say out loud what happened. You could try writing it down, showing them on a toy, or drawing what happened.

What next?

You can ask your safe adult what happens next. If things don't change, keep speaking out until they do. You could speak to a different safe adult or talk to Childline.


If someone is hurting you, it is never your fault. You always have the right to speak out and stay safe. If you are ever upset you can always talk to a safe adult or to Childline. No problem is too big or too small.

Buddy with his arms out