Hi there, you may have mixed feelings about school. You may like some things but not like other things. Remember if you are ever worried or upset there’s always help available, you’re never alone.

Fitting In

It may be hard to make friends and to feel like you fit in. You may be in a new class and feel shy about talking to new people. You could have also lost some friends.

There could be other people who feel the same way as you do. You could try and think of ways that you can chat to them or make them feel more included.

It can help to talk about how you’re feeling and Childline is always here for you.

Being Bullied

Bullying is when someone is mean to you on purpose. This could inlude:

  • calling you names
  • hitting you
  • making you feel left out.

It’s wrong and is never your fault. You deserve to feel happy at school and your teachers are there to help you. It can really help to tell one of them what’s been happening. We have some advice that could help.

Finding school work hard

You could be in a new class this year and have new subjects to learn. Maybe some subjects at school are really difficult for you. You could also feel pressure to do well at school.

You don’t have to struggle by yourself, your teachers are there to help you learn. It can really help to talk to them about how you’re feeling. You deserve to have the support you need.


No problem is too big or too small. You deserve to be happy and to get the help that you need.

You are never alone, you can always talk to Childline or to a safe adult. You have the right to speak out and stay safe.

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