Creative ways to feel better

Art can be a great way to express yourself or let out difficult feelings. Try our ideas to help you get started.

How art can help

Art is a great way of showing how you’re feeling. You could create something just for you, let other people see it, or use it to start a conversation. It can help when you’re struggling to find the words to say how you feel.

You don't have to make things you think others will like, and focusing on just making something can help you to feel more in the present. It can be good to create something you can see afterwards.

There’s no right or wrong way to make art. You could write, draw, or create something. You can do whatever feels right. Getting into the habit of creating things can make it easier in the future, and it can be something you plan to do if things are feeling difficult.

Create something with the art box

Creative ways to cope

Write things down

Writing can be a way to make sense of your thoughts, feelings, or something that’s happened. You could write about things in your life, or create worlds from your imagination.

Drawing and painting

Draw to distract yourself, express how you’re feeling, or keep your hands busy. Remember that it doesn’t have to be something you show other people and it isn’t about whether it’s “good enough”.

Draw anything you like or try our ideas to get started.

Create something

Art isn’t just about writing and drawing, and there are lots of ways to get creative and express yourself. There are lots of ways to create something new:

Getting help

Sharing how your art is making you feel can help you to feel better. If you’re struggling to create something or it’s bringing up difficult feelings, then it’s important to talk about it. Other people can also help give you ideas for the future.

You could try showing your creations to someone you trust, or talk about it to a Childline counsellor.

Want ideas for a new creative project? Try asking other young people on the message boards.