Getting support when you’re 19

We’re here for young people up to the age of 18. But what happens when you turn 19? You may feel worried about leaving Childline, especially if you’ve been with us for a long time. But you’re not alone and there are still people who can support you.

Why we can only help people under 19 years

Childline is here to help as many young people as possible with their worries and concerns. Things in your life change a lot as you get older, and that means that the kind of support you need can change as well.

Changing the type of support you’re used to can be really difficult. It can take time to build trust with new people and new communities.

Whether you need emotional or mental health support, self-harm or relationship advice, there are lots of sites that can help. Many of which already have young adults on them.

Many sites will offer support from 18 plus, meaning that you can use them for support and get used to them before you turn 19.

Where can I get support?

The Mix

Our friends at The Mix are a good place to start. Their website provides expert advice on general issues that are more relevant to a young adult as opposed to a child or young person – such as employment, money, university and your rights.

The Mix is a free and confidential multi-channel service. This means that you choose how you access their support without the worry of anyone else finding out. Whether it be through The Mix's vlog series, expert articles or true life stories you can always find the information and advice that you need.

The Mix also offers peer-to-peer support on their message boards and in their Live Chat services. Finally, The Mix's Your Voices section allows you to submit your own writing, images or playlists and share them with your friends.


Our friends at Samaritans are another place you can get help. You can talk to them about anything if you’re having a tough time. Call them for free on 116 123 from the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Samaritans have lots of guidance for if you’re feeling suicidal, or if you’re worried about someone else.

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Staying involved with us

There are lots of ways you can stay connected with us. Childline is part of the NSPCC and we’d love to have you involved in the work that we do. There are a number of ways that you can help us:

Join an event
From skydives, to concerts, to running up 1,037 stairs – there’s an event to suit everyone 

Volunteer your time
We've got loads of volunteering opportunities for anyone who'd like to give some of their time to help us

Fundraise for us
Whether it's at work, through college, or through a celebration, there are many different ways you can help raise money for the NSPCC and Childline.