Bullying on social networks

Cyberbullying (online bullying) on social networks can happen to anyone at any time. Social networks should be a place where you can connect with friends and share stuff. It can be really hard if you’re being bullied online but we’re here to help.

what you can do

Often the first thing to do is block the person doing the bullying and report them to the website. This can sometimes help get the bullying stopped. But each social network is different and it’s not always easy to know how to deal with online bullying on different sites.

That’s where this page can help. We’ve got lots of advice on how to block and report people who bully on different apps and sites.

Things you can do to get help:

Feeling depressed, sad or unhappy?

Online bullying: Amy Louise's story

Blocking and reporting

feel like
nobody would

Get support from our counsellors.

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