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Sometimes, they say they love you. Other times, they pressure, force or threaten you into doing things. No matter the situation, Childline is here to listen.

How Childline can help

Childline offers confidential, non-judgemental support to help feel more in control and decide what you want to do next.

We’re separate from everyone in your life, and we can help you to talk to adults you trust if you want us to.

Talk to us in the way that feels most comfortable:

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Is Childline confidential?

Childline is a safe place to talk. Whenever you speak to us it’s confidential and we won’t tell other people what you’ve said.

We would only consider saying or doing something if:

  • you ask us to
  • we believe your life or someone else's life is in danger
  • you're being hurt by someone in a position of trust who is able to hurt other children like a teacher, religious leader, sports coach, police officer or doctor
  • you tell us that you're seriously hurting another person
  • you tell us about another child who's being hurt and is not able to tell someone or understand what is happening to them
  • we're told we have to by law, for example for a court case.

Not sure how much you are ready to share? That’s okay, you can say as much or as little as you want to.

Try talking to a counsellor about your worries or read more about our confidentiality promise.

What is sexual exploitation?

Sexual exploitation is when someone is given things, but then expected to do something sexual or share sexual images. It’s a type of abuse and it’s never okay for someone to pressure, trick or threaten you.

There are lots of ways that people might make you feel that you owe them, like offering you gifts, showing they care about you, or trying to make you feel special.

Some people will offer things like drugs, alcohol or money but expect you to do things in return, or it might be part of being in a gang. If you've been taken to another country and you’re expected to do something in return, that’s called trafficking.

Even if you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s never okay for you to feel pressured or like you owe them something.

What if I've shared nudes?

If you’re under 18 and someone has shared a nude of you online, we can help you to get it taken down from the internet using Report Remove.

Making a report is simple and anonymous. You just need to:

  • Go to Report Remove and confirm your age
  • Create an account with Childline for us to send you updates
  • Report the images or videos to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
  • Check your account again after a few days to find out the outcome of your report

Use Report Remove