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Coronavirus and mental health

Dear Sam,

I am worried about the coronavirus. I am currently self isolating as my dad has a cough and I have only done it for a day and I already miss my best friend massively. I currently don’t have the best mental health and I am worried it is going to get worse and I am going to get sick of my family. I am in year 7 and already get really angry easily so I am worried that will get worse as well. I don’t mean to be mean though I just take my stress out on them (my family) Please reply!

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Hi there,

Lots of people are changing their day to day life because of the coronavirus pandemic – and sudden changes like this can be hard to get used to. These changes might last a long time and it could help to find ways to take extra care of yourself and your mental health.

The advice experts are giving is to try to avoid other people and crowds. This can have a big impact if the way you looked after your mental health was through seeing people and the support of friends. While you’re making changes to stay safe and self-isolating, you could try to find other ways to stay in touch with your friends. This might be playing online games together, talking on the phone or in group chats. Childline has published information about coronavirus and advice to help you adjust to these new changes.

No matter how much you love and care about your family, it can be difficult to stay around them all the time. Remember that being careful about not passing on any illness doesn't mean you can't go outside at all. What we’re all being told is to avoid meeting up with people and going to crowded places. You can still go for walks, go into the garden and get out of the house. Fresh air and exercise are important and can help your mental health. Childline has more tips about ways to cope with mental health and anger. They also have advice about staying home during the pandemic.

I hope that this has helped you think about what you can do to look after your mental health. You can go to the Calm Zone for tips and exercises to help you our calm down, and you can get support from other young people on our message boards. You can also talk to a Childline counsellor about how you’re feeling.

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