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it okay

dear sam,

I have just found out my boyfriend is gay I don't know how to tell him that im okay with it and I will move on

help me

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Hi there,

Finding out your partner is gay when you have always known them as straight can be a real shock. Someone’s sexuality is a part of who they are and there’s nothing wrong with being gay. You sound like a mature and thoughtful young person that wants to let him know that you are okay with it.

Although it can feel difficult to start a conversation, it can be really important to make sure you've said everything you want to say to help you to move on. You could have a think and write some things down before to meeting up. Be honest with yourself and think about your own feelings too.

Any relationship ending can be difficult and can effect your confidence. Even if it's something you both accept. It's important to look after yourself and give yourself time to recover. How you feel is really important, and you might find you want to talk about your feelings going through this. Talking to someone who cares, like a family member or close friend you trust can help and give you extra support.

We can support you and if you'd like to talk some more, you can always talk to a Childline counsellor. You can also get support from our message boards.

If you want to know more about sexuality, Young Stonewall offers info about sexuality and coming out to those around you.

Take care,


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