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I still get into trouble for something I did in 2015.

Hey Sam,

​There's not an easy way to put this so i'm just going to be straight forwards with it: I was caught with a knife.

This was im 2015 and it was all sorted out with the police and everything was settled but people still bring it up since it spread through school like forest fire. I've moved school sincr them but they (people from my previous school) still call me a murder and crazy and tell people in my new school that I stabbed someone (which I didn't) and that causes a chain reaction.

I've told my mum and the teachers but it's barley stopped. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Bullying can happen in lots of different ways, but there's no doubt that what's happening to you is bullying. Whatever happened a few years ago is in the past and isn't something that you should be teased about. We all make mistakes and we learn from them - the person you are now is what matters. It might be that you can find ways to show people who you really are so that they get to know you better.

Carrying around any weapon can have severe consequences and isn't something I would recommend. I can tell that you regret carrying that knife and it's not fair for people to keep bringing it back up. It's definitely not okay for people to start false rumours about you - that's bullying.

Telling your school and family about the bullying is the right thing to do, though things don't always change straight away. Another way to try and change how people see you is to allow people to get to know you better. Sometimes bullying can make it difficult to be friends with people, but if people are able to see you for who you really are they may be less likely to spread rumours.

Getting to know people is sometimes difficult in a new school as people have friendship groups already. Try joining a few after school clubs, sports teams or societies as these will give people the chance to get to know you better. You can also think about building your confidence and self-esteem, which might help you when talking to new people.

If you'd like to talk more about this, our counsellors are there to support you. Thanks for writing to me about this.

Take care,


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