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To Sam

I keep getting bullied

Hello I'm T***

im 12 years old and I go to high school

ive been bullied since primary and I Just started high school

the bullying is still going on😭It won't stop!

I start all the fighting and I wish I never argued with anyone online or at school

i Feel alone :(

i have no friends.

My Mum and dad are tired of Hearing Me tell them that I am getting bullied

I tell my teachers also but I always get the blame :(

idk what to do Sam?

Please Help me!

Ask Sam


Hi there,

Bullying can happen to anyone at any time. But nobody has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself. No matter what the reason, bullying isn’t okay and it’s not your fault.

When you’re being bullied it can be difficult knowing how to react. Sometimes when you fight it can make it hard for adults like teachers to be able to support you though because it can stop them seeing your side of the story. Remember there are always way to stand up for yourself without being aggressive.

If you’re being bullied online, it’s important to remember to save any messages to show someone but not to reply. This can be really difficult sometimes, but remember that you don’t have to handle all of this alone.

Telling an adult you trust can feel difficult sometimes. It can be even more difficult when you’ve told them before and things haven’t changed. One of the hardest parts of bullying is that it can take time for things to start to get better and you might have to speak to an adult a few times to let them know it hasn’t stopped.

Even though someone like your parents or carers aren’t sure how to react, there’s support for them as well. Bullying UK has loads of advice for parents but it can be good to think about what support you’d most like right now. Sometimes saying what you’d like to happen can help people to find the best way to support you.

While the bullying is still happening it can help to record it in a bullying diary. This is somewhere that you write down what’s happened, when and by who. You can also say how it left you feeling. When you feel ready something like a bullying diary can help to show people like your teachers that what’s happened isn’t your fault.

Bullying can have a big effect but things can change. There’s lots of ways to build your confidence after being bullied. And any time you’re feeling upset or you want to talk, Childline counsellors are there to listen.

Take care,


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