7 tips to cope with school

Going back to school can be stressful. But whether you’re going back after a long break or starting a new school, there are things that can help.

Whatever’s happening, there are things you can do to make going back to school easier:

  1. Get ready before school starts
    Plan what you’ll need, and start setting an alarm in the morning so that you’re used to getting up
  2. Keep yourself calm
    Take a few deep breaths if you’re panicking about going back, or try our ideas on how to stay calm and cope with anxiety
  3. Deal with bullying
    Bullying is never okay, and your school can help it to stop. Whatever’s happening, we’ve got advice to help
  4. Manage your workload
    Homework and revision can be a big part of school, but it can also be stressful. Plan what work you need to do from the start of the year, and tell someone if you need help
  5. Follow instructions about social distancing
    Listen to what your school or teachers tell you, and follow any instructions you’re given to keep you safe
  6. Ask questions
    If you’re not sure what you’re meant to be doing, you’ve got a question about work or there’s anything else on your mind, it’s always okay to ask. Try to think about who could best support you at school
  7. Talk about what’s happened during lockdown
    Lockdown has been hard for lots of people, and when you’re off school it can be hard to get support. If you’re worried or you feel unsafe, you can always talk to an adult you trust. If you’re not sure if you can, try talking to us

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Updated: 24 August, 2020