Summer Tips

Hi there, thanks for visiting. The summer holidays can be a great time to try out new things. Here are a few ideas, ask a parent or carer to help if you need to.

Why not try?

Creating Art

Drawing is a great way to be creative and to express your feelings. You can use the Art Box or pen and paper. You could try drawing:

  • a picture of you feeling really confident. What would that feel like? How would you act differently?
  • you as a superhero
  • a calming picture that helps when you feel stressed.
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Buddy drawing


The summer is perfect for growing plants. You could try growing herbs, flowers or other plants. It can be very enjoyable to look after plants and watch them grow.

Making a bird feeder

You can usually make them with things around the house and garden. It can be really interesting to watch the birds that then visit it. The BBC website has ideas to get you started.

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Learning a new hobby

Why not start doing that new hobby you’ve always wanted to do? Whether it’s juggling, learning magic tricks or singing. It can be fun to go back to school with a new skill that you’ve learnt over the summer.


Yoga is a great way to feel calmer. Have a go with some of our yoga videos.

Buddy juggling