Summer Holidays

Hi there, it’s your favourite green speech-bubble friend, Buddy. Wow, hasn’t it been hot recently? Summer is well and truly here!

Feeling worried

You may have mixed feelings about the summer holidays. There may be things you like and things you’re worried about.

The summer holidays may feel fun but they can also feel lonely for some people. It may be hard not to see your school friends as much and there could also be some teachers that you miss, especially if they were someone you got support from. Please remember that you’re never alone and you can always talk to Childline any time you want to.

You're not alone

It's ok to be nervous about going to summer camp or summer school. You could be worried about fitting in or being bullied. There are adults who are there to look after you, so if you're feeling worried or unhappy, you can talk to them.

Sometimes spending so much time at home is difficult and you may not feel safe there. You may also need to spend time with people you don’t feel safe or comfortable around. You have the right to feel happy and safe and to speak out. You can talk to Childline any time.


However you’re feeling, you’re never alone. There’s always help there for you. You can talk to Childline or a safe adult any time. Remember that you deserve to feel happy and safe. No problem is too big or too small.

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