Mood journal

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What is the mood journal?

The mood journal lets you record how you’re feeling and why. Or you can just write about what’s happening.

You can use the journal whenever you want to. If you keep using it, you’ll be able to see a graph of how you’re feeling.

Ways a journal can help you

There are lots of ways to use a journal to cope or feel better:

  1. Let your feelings out
    Writing about how you’re feeling can be a great way to express yourself

  2. Learn about what makes you feel down or upset
    Writing a little every day about what’s happened to make you upset can help you to spot patterns and understand your feelings 

  3. Remind you of things to be proud of
    Try writing down one thing you’re glad about each day and record how you feel about it. Writing down when things go well as well, even really small things, can help to remind you of things to be proud of

  4. Keep track of new things you try
    Any time you try something new to cope or feel better, you can write down how you feel before and after to see whether it’s helped

Keeping you safe

It’s not a good idea to use the mood journal if you’re worried about your safety, if someone else is in danger or you’re in crisis. If you need support, you can speak to a Childline counsellor  any time.

Whenever you save anything in the mood journal we’ll check it to make sure you’re safe.

Illustration of a keyYour mood journal is confidential between you and Childline, we’d only need to say or do something if:

  • you ask us to
  • we believe your life or someone else's life is in danger
  • you're being hurt by someone in a position of trust who is able to hurt other children like a teacher, religious leader, sports coach, police officer or doctor
  • you tell us that you're seriously hurting another person
  • you tell us about another child who's being hurt and is not able to tell someone or understand what is happening to them
  • we're told we have to by law, for example for a court case.

Try Boost your mood!

Use our Boost Your Mood tool to feel better! Choose the type of thing you feel like doing­­, pick some activities and then play a game to decide the order you do them.

After you’ve finished, write about how each activity made you feel in the mood journal.