Online/Mobile safety & Cyber Bullying

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  1. Cutting and depression

    Started by Lily88 / 08/08/2017 22:20 / Replies 1
    Hiya, i'm a little stressed ay the momment i'm always told to be noemal when i just want to be my...

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    By Kittypickle /
  2. Inappropriate image

    Started by xMusicIsMyLife / 16/08/2017 03:23 / Replies 1
    someone i dont know sent me an inappropriate image on facebook. i did report it but it didnt work...

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    By GlitterSprinkles /
  3. Nudes

    Started by Stranger050204 / 08/08/2017 18:00 / Replies 2
    i made a video that i sent to someone and they leaked it, i regret it. and sobce that i ahce sent...

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    By ChildlineHost /
  4. Can get past ANY parental control on my computer. Is this normal?

    Started by AwesomeEpicBoy / 06/08/2017 08:24 / Replies 1
    I can get past any type of parental controls installed by using the admin account. I don't know w...

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    By Temporary74525632 /
  5. How Should I Deal With Someone Who's Just a Bit Creepy?

    Started by TheAprilFool / 07/08/2017 10:52 / Replies 0
    Hello. I turned 18 this year, and wanted to make more of an effort to start dating since I'd been...
  6. I was groomed

    Started by FindYourselfAndBeThat / 23/07/2017 23:14 / Replies 2
    i was groomed by an older man on skype chat and then skype video. this was a few years ago when i...

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    By OwlgirlYay /
  7. Kaylieghs love story

    Started by DyspraxicKid / 02/07/2017 11:13 / Replies 4
    I heard of it so I went to check out the video. It said in cinemas it would be a certificate 15 b...

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    By OwlgirlYay /
  8. Stupid online safety rules

    Started by SmilerTyler / 15/07/2017 21:54 / Replies 1
    Hello my name is Tyler I'm 11 and I have no idea why I had even decided to write this. Anyway, if...

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    By AwesomeEpicBoy /
  9. Should you use a fake date of birth online?

    Started by AwesomeEpicBoy / 04/07/2017 07:53 / Replies 6
    Birthdate is personal info, right? So, when signing up to email services, etc, should you lie abo...

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    By AwesomeEpicBoy /
  10. Cyber bullying

    Started by LightFeather1 / 20/07/2017 16:57 / Replies 1
    Hi im Jaz, Im about to go into high school. Dont wanna realse a lot of information. Childline vis...

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    By lisaxbdkv /