Online/Mobile safety & Cyber Bullying

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  1. help me

    Started by sadsiobhan / 07/09/2017 10:52 / Replies 3
    Hi, i need help. I get really anxious and depressed a lot, although i haven't been diagnosed with...

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    By jojodom /
  2. Too trusting gets me hurt

    Started by Bored4life / 14/10/2017 14:56 / Replies 0
    Im 16 years old and someone has added me online a friend of a friend to be precise, We started ta...
  3. pictures

    Started by loastalonebby / 02/01/2014 19:22 / Replies 2
    Around a year ago my boyfriend who i'd been with for about 2 years had left me, and obviously I w...

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    By kittycatlover /
  4. Sending Inappropriate Pictures To Stangers /

    Started by Alice234 / 07/10/2017 17:19 / Replies 0
    about 1-2 years ago, when my dad was ill i would go onto a website and talk to strangers and i wo...
  5. I was groomed

    Started by FindYourselfAndBeThat / 23/07/2017 23:14 / Replies 4
    i was groomed by an older man on skype chat and then skype video. this was a few years ago when i...

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    By Rayofsunshine01 /
  6. Social Services won't leave me alone about certain issue

    Started by Temporary24933747 / 04/09/2017 20:00 / Replies 1
    This is a bit different, but I'm freaking out and I need to ask you all this now. Tomorrow, I hav...

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    By ChildlineHost /
  7. hacked

    Started by musicalnix / 07/10/2013 19:48 / Replies 4
    im scared ive been hacked or have a virus. any advice on how to tell if i have? please im so scar...

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    By Joe-123 /
  8. How Should I Deal With Someone Who's Just a Bit Creepy?

    Started by TheAprilFool / 07/08/2017 10:52 / Replies 7
    Hello. I turned 18 this year, and wanted to make more of an effort to start dating since I'd been...

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    By TheAprilFool /
  9. Sex

    Started by elli098765 / 03/01/2014 17:33 / Replies 17
    Baiscally I'm 13,wish I could say normal girl but I can't... ive selfharmed been depressed and ha...

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    By Unicornlover1717 /
  10. I Got Myself Into A Muddle

    Started by KittensAndGlitter / 27/08/2017 19:24 / Replies 3
    Umm guys? So I feel guilty I lied about my age online I'm 11 but I said I was 13. I signed up for...

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    By KittensAndGlitter /