Mental health

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  1. what is wrong w me

    Started by AlienHasFeelings2 / 20/06/2018 19:36 / Replies 1
    hey. so . basically. i dont know whats wrong w me... im always in bed... and im always so sad and...

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    By Cassidy6 /
  2. Depression

    Started by amy-g16 / 07/06/2017 20:55 / Replies 5
    I have depression. I hate myself and basically everything is the biggest struggle. It feels like ...

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    By iiimaan /
  3. Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Started by tmhedgehog / 14/12/2015 23:33 / Replies 4
    Hi I am TM I am an alter in a DID system does anyone else here have DID or know someone who does?...

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    By maxwellyeah /
  4. REALLY bad anger issues

    Started by nogoodx / 06/12/2011 23:45 / Replies 1
    Hi my name is Shannon.. Ive had bad anger issues since i was 10, im now 15 and there just as bad,...

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    By Muskerino /
  5. Anger Management

    Started by Muskerino / 20/06/2018 16:39 / Replies 0
    Hi peeps, Do any of you have good ways to handle anger issues? You see, I have anger issues, and ...
  6. Munchausen Syndrome

    Started by InvisibleGirl39 / 16/03/2018 21:14 / Replies 50
    Ive searched the whole of the childline website and there is absolutely nothing on munchausen syn...

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    By toobrokentofixtoo /
  7. Ocd or just normal?

    Started by Imfeelinfine / 18/06/2018 19:57 / Replies 1
    Ok so I'm thirteen and I have general anxiety disorder but I'm starting to wonder if I could have...

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    By PizzaAndChips /
  8. Multiple Personality Disorder

    Started by swallowaspider / 28/05/2012 21:17 / Replies 2
    Ok, I was diagnosed with three mental illnesses a while ago, one of which is multiple personality...

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    By KutesAs /
  9. PTSD

    Started by Rose3453 / 16/06/2018 23:49 / Replies 1
    my CAHMS counsler is testing me for PTSD from sexual assault, I will wake up from having nightmar...

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    By 345stitch345 /
  10. Tourette's Syndrome

    Started by Everything-Is-Fine / 27/05/2018 17:08 / Replies 3
    Does anyone on here have tourettes, aka ticcing disorder? I am self diagnosed, which I know a lot...

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    By Jessyyy9 /