Mental health

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  1. Healthy thoughts?

    Started by music228 / 14/08/2020 23:29 / Replies 1
    Im not diagnosed with anything though im pretty sure i have anxiety. my mum has it and i think sh...

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    By Blackcurranticecream /
  2. Body image

    Started by Temporary72246735 / 23/03/2020 22:47 / Replies 5
    For the past year I’ve been struggling with my body image and the way that I look at myself and h...

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    By Anonymous23454675 /
  3. self harm and coping with feelings /

    Started by Anonymous23454675 / 15/08/2020 11:23 / Replies 0
    does anyone else self harm or use food and not eat because of their mood? or even eat so much whe...
  4. I don’t know where to get help:(

    Started by thecolourblue04 / 02/08/2020 23:55 / Replies 2
    I referred myself to camhs in May 2019 and was only assessed by a clinician there in May of this ...

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    By thecolourblue04 /
  5. I think I have a tic disorder?

    Started by CharlieTOblivion / 04/08/2020 15:13 / Replies 1
    Heyo, so I'm confused and worried right now because I keep having the weird urge to jerk my head ...

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    By music228 /
  6. think i have something undiagnosed

    Started by stream-clairo / 14/08/2020 00:15 / Replies 1
    so i'm fairly confident i have some sort of disorder/ condition but i hate talking to my parents ...

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    By mabinogion /
  7. should I

    Started by InMadnessLiesSanity / 08/08/2020 22:25 / Replies 10
    should i send how i feel here. i dont know. i need approval. for everhthing i do. this is how ive...

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    By PandaPig123 /
  8. Mostly better? /

    Started by mabinogion / 14/08/2020 00:51 / Replies 0
    i was struggling a lot with a lot of anxiety, very low mood, self harm and suicidal thoughts+idea...
  9. I really need help but I’m too scared to ask

    Started by Redcarnations / 13/08/2020 00:41 / Replies 1
    I’m a 12yo girl, I got diagnosed with anxiety when I was 9 and I never got any help with it. Sinc...

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    By stream-clairo /
  10. Motivation please help

    Started by Cat472 / 13/08/2020 22:34 / Replies 0
    I just can’t get myself to do anything. I started cleaning my room and just gave up 5 minutes lat...