Mental health

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  1. i cant deal with this anymore

    Started by lemonclouds / 15/04/2021 23:54 / Replies 3
    So I have a tic disorder and anxiety. And I am so fed up of people calling my disorders 'cute' or...

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    By Temporary54385505 /
  2. Ocd? Or something else

    Started by BisexualAndaDemigirl / 06/04/2021 20:49 / Replies 16
    Heya, I need some help. Since coronavirus got serious in March, I've been obsessed with keeping c...

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    By BisexualAndaDemigirl /
  3. Hearing voices

    Started by amazingbutterfly / 24/10/2020 12:18 / Replies 4
    So i haven’t got Schizophrenia or Psychosis or anything like that, but i do suffer from low mood ...

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    By Torrie-g4190 /
  4. mental health check up :)

    Started by Lizardy / 10/04/2021 14:48 / Replies 14
    hi there! i'm glad you found this message. :) my name is lizardy! whats yours? 🦎 i'm just here t...

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    By Lizardy /
  5. Dissociative Disorder (part two will be in replies)

    Started by Willow-6 / 04/04/2021 14:26 / Replies 2
    First off, my name is Willow and I'm 15, second of all, I'm pretty sure I have a dissociative dis...

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    By patterthing /
  6. I've been told my friends mental is bad

    Started by Aadak123 / 17/04/2021 10:47 / Replies 0
    Hi so i used to be friends with this person like 2 years ago just after 2019 summer we drifted th...
  7. i feel like im literally not worthy of anything

    Started by Temporary99121024 / 16/04/2021 23:41 / Replies 0
    idk if im acc not ok or if I'm just a dramatic insecure bitch but ye ​ basically i have rea...
  8. Borderline Personality Disorder?

    Started by AnimeandAviation / 16/04/2021 17:39 / Replies 0
    Hi there, I’m a 16 year old boy from England and here’s a quick rundown of me. I’ve suffered from...
  9. should I /

    Started by InMadnessLiesSanity / 08/08/2020 22:25 / Replies 327
    should i send how i feel here. i dont know. i need approval. for everhthing i do. this is how ive...

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    By PandaPig123 /
  10. my mum doesnt believe me

    Started by 3strxwbxrry3 / 15/04/2021 12:25 / Replies 0
    i have been trying to talk to my mum recently about how im feeling/ what makes me uncomfortable (...