Gender Identity

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  1. any trans peeps or lgbt kids out there. looking for friends

    Started by dysphoriablues-08 / 31/01/2022 00:11 / Replies 158
    Hey i’m Vic, they/he he/they wanna make a couple new friends 13, only transitioned a bit. i like ...

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  2. transphobia :(

    Started by can1haveAhug / 14/05/2022 21:48 / Replies 3
    hi so recently ive been feeling really down in general and have been feeling very gender dysphori...

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    By LonelyUniverse579 /
  3. Here to help my fellow trans folks

    Started by AlpacaInATrenchcoat / 05/04/2022 21:49 / Replies 4
    Hi everyone! I’m Jamie, and I’m trans (afab), and I use xe/he/it/they pronouns. Now, after 2 year...

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    By CerealKiller /
  4. Dysphoria

    Started by ArtisticDiggingRhino1563 / 16/05/2022 23:17 / Replies 0
    Hi, my names Ash. At school, I’m known as the “gay one”, and the “weirdo”. Everyone always makes ...
  5. Pronoun and name tryout 😊🏳️‍🌈

    Started by CerealKiller / 17/03/2022 21:00 / Replies 46
    Howdy guys gals and non binary pals! If you're not sure about the pronouns and name that your usi...

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    By AmazingTalkingDeer7289 /
  6. Autism and being trans

    Started by GracefulCatchingDove6161 / 15/05/2022 07:13 / Replies 1
    Hiya im Axel. I'm a 13 year old trans guy. I am currently dating another trans guy. (we're both g...

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  7. New name

    Started by CoolDinosaur / 07/05/2022 23:17 / Replies 4
    ok, so, im Genderfluid, and im slowly coming out to people. ive only just realised, bit ive not l...

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  8. online non binary freindship group!! come join the love!!

    Started by TheHelpingChicken / 12/01/2021 14:03 / Replies 49
    hello! my names chicken, and like a lo of you out there, i am non binary! and welcome to the non ...

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  9. Trans/ LGBTQ+ chat

    Started by CautiousFlyingDuck7860 / 14/01/2022 16:21 / Replies 29
    Hi, I just made this thread so i can meet some new people who share trans or LGBTQ+ experiences. ...

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  10. Im coming out to my sister in June

    Started by Genby-Socks / 12/05/2022 19:24 / Replies 1
    On the first day: Me: Happy pride month! When I feel ready I write a note saying: ”Hi, I just wan...

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    By CuriousHopingKoala5798 /