Gender Identity

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  1. LGBTQ+ page updates!

    Started by Jas-Host / 11/10/2018 17:53 / Replies 12
    Hi everyone, We’ve had lots of feedback asking us to look at our LGBTQ+ info and advice and we’re...

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    By xX-SpriteCranberry-Xx /
  2. Being FtM

    Started by xxsavemexx / 25/04/2019 15:25 / Replies 0 uh hi im Alex and of course im FtM as you can see in the title, anyways i've been strugg...
  3. My gender dysphoria

    Started by phoenix-112 / 01/04/2019 10:37 / Replies 6
    the past couple of days the little voice of my dysphoria has been yelling and screaming at me, an...

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    By xxsavemexx /
  4. Being Transgender/ Transitioning!

    Started by Spirit10 / 16/04/2019 23:56 / Replies 2
    Hello! My name is Alex. I am 14 and I'm FtM, Transgender. I have thought Ive been a boy ever sinc...

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    By xxsavemexx /
  5. Multi Personality or gender fluid...?

    Started by Silvarose / 22/04/2019 22:21 / Replies 3
    Hi guys, I'm a 17 y.o girl (at the moment,,,,) and for a while now ive been struggling with this ...

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    By Silvarose /
  6. Am I too young?

    Started by ANon-BinaryCalledIndie / 22/04/2019 13:46 / Replies 4
    I was just wondering what people thought about this: Am I too young to know how I want to identif...

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    By thestormbeforethesun /
  7. Advice??

    Started by Cake-tin / 23/04/2019 18:52 / Replies 2
    I don't Identify as trans (I'm pan), so I was wondering if I could get advice on what to write ab...

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    By Cake-tin /
  8. Cross Dressing Advice

    Started by WolfStarsBird / 28/02/2019 20:42 / Replies 4
    Hey, so I’m not sure I’m on the right section, but I want to try dressing as a boy (I’m a girl). ...

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    By Dincom /
  9. Is crossdressing ok

    Started by lucyisfriendly / 11/03/2019 00:24 / Replies 8
    Hi my name is Lucas im a boy. But i love wearing girls dresses and skirts plus makeup and stuff t...

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    By Dincom /
  10. Help with coming out?

    Started by MYALEXISNIC3 / 16/04/2019 21:43 / Replies 1
    Hi Im Alex I came out to my mum last year as trans and she denied it she said things like" W...

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    By Babybear2004 /