Gender Identity

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  1. LGBTQ+ page updates!

    Started by Jas-Host / 11/10/2018 17:53 / Replies 4
    Hi everyone, We’ve had lots of feedback asking us to look at our LGBTQ+ info and advice and we’re...

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    By Childline-Host /
  2. Bras for boys

    Started by Burnteller86 / 13/11/2018 17:16 / Replies 1
    Hi there I am a boy bit want to be a girl and trying to figure out where to start. I still think ...

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    By SebastianDUDE /
  3. Gender fluid or not??!

    Started by TiredOfRepeating / 17/01/2017 16:32 / Replies 7
    Hi. So lately I've been feeling really confused about my identity. i was born female but I don't ...

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    By SebastianDUDE /
  4. Questioning my gender

    Started by samm79 / 12/11/2018 22:32 / Replies 0
    hello, so ive been questioning my gender for 8-9 months now and well i dint relly know what to do...
  5. My Gender

    Started by SoVeryGay / 10/11/2018 16:41 / Replies 12
    So, I was born female but I’m not sure at the moment whether I am (I’m 13 btw). Sometimes I feel ...

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    By SoVeryGay /
  6. Anyone who is Trans!

    Started by Ilikechinese101 / 25/10/2018 16:12 / Replies 18
    Hey, im Alfie, im trans. Starting this thread for fellow people like me. Just to discuss or ask f...

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    By LeLikesAnime /
  7. Dating when you are trans

    Started by Hammo4 / 11/11/2018 04:53 / Replies 0
    So, i am i am trans and never dated before. But i want to. However, the insecurity of being trans...
  8. Help me come out to my Mum

    Started by SebastianDUDE / 10/11/2018 07:47 / Replies 1
    Hi My name is Sebastian/Scarlett and I am a boy stuck in a girls body. I have come out to my good...

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    By SebastianDUDE /
  9. how do i come out as transgender at school

    Started by Temporary89485859 / 08/11/2018 16:14 / Replies 3
    hey i'm Kas or Kasper i'm an FtM trans kid. i'm 12 and i really want to come out to my school, bu...

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    By Sk8MAD134567 /
  10. Please help! /

    Started by K-Bluebird / 19/09/2018 15:05 / Replies 2
    Hey, A new friend of mine messages me (every day) as himself and then he messages me from his fem...

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    By darkendshadow /