Gender Identity

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  1. Is it worth coming out??

    Started by giraffeplayinggolf / 23/09/2020 09:16 / Replies 1
    hi im non binary and im considering coming out to parents, I really dont know what theyre reactio...

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  2. Hormone Blockers and Periods

    Started by EdgeNorGreen / 21/09/2020 08:23 / Replies 3
    I was wondering if people could start hormone blockers during puberty because Google doesn't come...

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    By The-star /
  3. Here to help any trans guys, gals and non binary pals (and anyone else who needs advice)

    Started by OliverTheTransGuy / 22/07/2020 23:00 / Replies 98
    Hello everyone! My name’s Noah and I’m a queer and ftm. I’m making this thread who wants some adv...

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    By Leo-the-trans /
  4. Bisexuality

    Started by Temporary09991183 / 22/09/2020 19:03 / Replies 0
    hi im Cameron, im 14 and im bi, i know i am, but i cant seem to get enough courage to come out, m...
  5. What am i?

    Started by gigantocypris / 20/09/2020 19:38 / Replies 1
    So im 15 years old and recently started testing they/them pronouns. im uncomfortable as a she but...

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  6. Non binary chat :D

    Started by rocky2294 / 20/05/2020 17:44 / Replies 71
    Wondering if any of you lot are non binary like me??

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    By rocky2294 /
  7. Me being non binary at school

    Started by FunkyWeirdoIsMe6 / 20/09/2020 17:47 / Replies 0
    Hey everyone, I have this problem I am non binary aged 12 and just wondering how should I tell my...
  8. Confused about gender

    Started by Temporary42324958 / 17/09/2020 22:47 / Replies 2
    Hi i am wondering if there is anyone who knows how figure out if you are trans or not,i am 12 but...

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    By Tenfflowerball4ty /
  9. Coming Out

    Started by Bullseye604 / 18/09/2020 23:28 / Replies 2
    Hey, I'm Michael, I'm 16 & a trans guy. I'm not out yet, but I think I might be ready to come...

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    By BennyWithABlackSuit /
  10. Late bloomer?!

    Started by 8-Starry-girl-8 / 16/09/2020 18:27 / Replies 3
    i havent gottin period and im last person to do so! any advice?

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    By Climbteen /