Gender Identity

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  1. regret coming out

    Started by MSD2000 / 19/06/2018 18:32 / Replies 0
    Hi everyone, Im 17. so for two years I thought I was trans ftm. (14-16). I came out to my mum in ...
  2. MTF Needing help!

    Started by Gamerguy0800 / 18/06/2018 22:46 / Replies 0
    Hey guys, So I identify as MTF and im needing some advice, im out to my parents and they are full...
  3. Girls read! And gay/bisexual boys!

    Started by Whydidithappentome / 03/08/2016 07:53 / Replies 9
    So i saw the thread Boys read! And thought well ive been wondering this for a while and that pers...

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  4. Non binary names

    Started by MartialArt21 / 26/03/2018 14:03 / Replies 8
    So I recently realised that I am non binary, I am physically a male but I don’t identify as one, ...

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    By The-Gay-One /
  5. Pansexual and wanting to be trans

    Started by LuiChronicles / 18/06/2018 18:34 / Replies 0
    Hello everyone I recently came out to my parents that I’m pansexual and they didn’t really take i...
  6. Coming out

    Started by aquabook / 18/06/2018 17:03 / Replies 0
    Hi, I recently came out as non-binary to my best friend. I trust her with all my heart and it’s a...
  7. gender identity

    Started by launcelot / 11/05/2018 00:29 / Replies 20
    Hello I'm River I'm making this thread so anyone can talk together more about their gender or fin...

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    By BlueSky44 /
  8. Binding????

    Started by RavenQueenie / 15/06/2018 22:00 / Replies 2
    HeyHey, I'm Alex. I am a non binary ten year old with the chest of a twenty year old, which I hat...

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    By Mariex1002 /
  9. Transphobia

    Started by LucasLukey / 17/06/2018 17:55 / Replies 0
    Hi everyone, I am transgender, female to male and I have been out for two years. I have recently ...
  10. Preferred pronouns

    Started by kikixox11 / 12/06/2018 16:03 / Replies 3
    hello, ive been in this situation when someone says "she" "girl" "hers&q...

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    By LeEwAsHeRe16 /