Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

This content might introduce themes and ideas that may be confusing or shocking if you have not experienced them before.   

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  1. smoking craving.

    Started by JessicaBaby / 30/06/2010 16:11 / Replies 6
    every time i think bout smoking i get like this weird feeling in my stomach, like a craving but i...

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    By RollingRoo /
  2. Drinking

    Started by Temporary08192169 / 13/10/2018 22:03 / Replies 4
    im 13 all my friends are starting to drink alchol but my mum says im not allowed do i do it and l...

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    By Temporary09238440 /
  3. School

    Started by Aliccee / 05/11/2018 19:57 / Replies 2
    im going through my gcse year now and im only just realising how much work there is and how much ...

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    By Aliccee /
  4. A girl at school takes drugs.

    Started by PurplePoppies / 03/11/2018 16:22 / Replies 4
    There is a girl in my year at school, (we are all 13-14) but i found out that she drinks, vapes, ...

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    By grace-br-123 /
  5. The friends I spend time with

    Started by bunnielove123 / 23/10/2018 23:08 / Replies 1
    hi, Im 17 and i did NCS during the summer. its a programme that i wont bore you with the details ...

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    By a-sad-little-scene /
  6. This is why i wished i never came out a school......

    Started by DecTheDevil / 28/10/2018 00:54 / Replies 2
    Trust me it's not worth it. I came out as bi-sexual in yr8 and it really harmed my school life. I...

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    By FroYo2 /
  7. Friend who smokes

    Started by moomin26 / 31/10/2018 20:16 / Replies 2
    Hi, so one of my best friends started smoking about 8months ago. I got a bit upset when he told m...

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    By motsmat11 /
  8. Alcohol Addiction

    Started by issy1189 / 31/10/2018 01:13 / Replies 2
    Can someone lease explain addiction to me, like why people drink excessively and let it destroy t...

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    By lifeitself /
  9. Think Im Pretty Messed

    Started by DecTheDevil / 27/10/2018 20:44 / Replies 1
    I haven't gotten out of bed for more than 30 mins at a time, for nearly a week now, I'm always fe...

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    By Jellyfish2367 /
  10. i want to try smoke?

    Started by Cleowo / 08/10/2018 20:18 / Replies 3
    will smoking and deinking actually hurt me that much? I don’t want to become addicted or anything...

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    By DecTheDevil /