Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

This content might introduce themes and ideas that may be confusing or shocking if you have not experienced them before.   

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  1. Drugs

    Started by talkingout5432112344 / 20/03/2018 21:54 / Replies 0
    I’ve recently found out my friend does drugs when I ain’t around like at other parties. She’s doi...
  2. Smoking

    Started by Temporary75980032 / 18/03/2018 20:50 / Replies 2
    I recently started smoking but I know my mum and dad would freak out and overreact (they're reall...

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    By Temporary75980032 /
  3. Energy drinks??

    Started by StrangersRcoolKids / 19/01/2018 15:11 / Replies 6
    Im 12 years old but i act and look older than 12. Im also transgender and i have experienced fema...

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    By Temporary75980032 /
  4. weed...

    Started by thewanted / 08/11/2012 20:28 / Replies 11
    most of my mates of boys (im a girl ;)) and they have been smoking weed for a while. their parent...

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  5. dad......

    Started by LaceyApple / 21/06/2011 20:36 / Replies 5
    my dad when he lived with us (now live is aussie) smoked so much he nearly died..... he also near...

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    By Teenschoolkid /
  6. Addiction

    Started by unawakenedthoughts / 01/03/2018 18:46 / Replies 1
    I don’t like to say I’m addicted to drugs or alcohol or smoking, to be honest I am to all of them...

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    By ChildlineHost /
  7. Weed

    Started by Redlipstick / 17/01/2014 21:19 / Replies 7
    hi, I used to do weed but I stopped because I the last time I did it (hope this puts you of) . I ...

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    By Temporary83641471 /
  8. I'm addicted to Energy Drinks - And it's my best friends fault!

    Started by PhandomEmoUnicorn / 03/03/2018 09:24 / Replies 1
    It all started when i was 12. My best friend and i were in co-op, and she bought some monster, tw...

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    By oneextremetoanother /
  9. Not allowed

    Started by StrangersRcoolKids / 14/02/2018 15:48 / Replies 3
    I really want to take risks, but i cant. My parents are so serious about unhealthy things and the...

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    By EmoWithEmotions /
  10. Weed

    Started by starrburst / 12/02/2018 20:58 / Replies 5
    i want to try and smoke weed, ive never done it before but i just feel like i want to smoke it to...

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    By Howdidigetsolost11 /