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This content might introduce themes and ideas that may be confusing or shocking if you have not experienced them before.   

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  1. Urine infection from masturbation

    Started by Little-Crash / 25/02/2021 08:52 / Replies 1
    So ive been masturbating for a few weeks and we are currently going to the doctor to check if i h...

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    By moongalexystars /
  2. How Do I Stop?

    Started by ItsOscaHere / 23/02/2021 15:34 / Replies 2
    Hello. So basically every night or morning i will masturbate and its making me feel really guilty...

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    By Jaxxer /
  3. yeast infection

    Started by bacon14 / 24/02/2021 19:52 / Replies 0
    hi im new on here but i think i might have a yeast infection but im not sure but i was planning o...
  4. Sex Girls only

    Started by Rhydian-Sam / 12/02/2021 22:41 / Replies 5
    Im a 17 year old girl who is a lesbian, i lost my virginity when i was 14. My question is, is it ...

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    By Daisyfd /
  5. Sex

    Started by Boba-Tea / 02/02/2021 18:28 / Replies 8
    Hello, I am 14.My question is simple: When is the appropriate age to have sex?I am a female, and ...

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    By Billiexz /
  6. Asking my girlfriend for nudes

    Started by mas1x1 / 21/02/2021 16:25 / Replies 4
    hi, about a year ago me and my ex-girlfriend used to sext a lot and share nudes, and now i'm real...

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    By mas1x1 /
  7. Late period

    Started by Worriednow / 27/07/2020 13:07 / Replies 6
    so my last post explained that i was worriees about pregnancy but i realised that there is a very...

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    By Temporary37690053 /
  8. Period

    Started by ItsOscaHere / 27/11/2020 17:58 / Replies 12
    Hi. I'm a boy and I hope you don't mind me asking but its really confusing me and i just wanted t...

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    By Temporary37690053 /
  9. Watching porn at 14

    Started by EmilTheBulgarian / 08/07/2020 00:14 / Replies 4
    I recently started watching porn because I was feeling aroused and knew that that would help me s...

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    By noone321 /
  10. Trans and sex? pls help

    Started by Tangyprego / 09/02/2021 00:05 / Replies 4
    this kind of comes under sexuality but its alot to do with sex so im transgender ftm. and im 15. ...

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    By 3strxwbxrry3 /