All you need to know about the message boards

Find out everything you need about the boards and how they work.

What are the message boards?

The message boards are your place to talk. Use them to speak to other young people, share your experiences or just have fun. They’re anonymous, so nobody will know it’s you.

This means that you can post and reply any time, but that sometimes there’s a bit of a wait before you see your post live. We check posts every day from 9am-11:30pm.

You can read the boards any time to see what people are saying, or sign up to post and reply to other people.

3 tips for using the boards:

  • Not sure where to post? Why not ask on the Introductions board
  • Be kind and respectful to other people, even if you disagree with the what they’ve said
  • When you post, pick a title that gives some info on what you’re talking about

House rules

The house rules can tell you what’s allowed on the boards. If you post something that’s not allowed, we’ll contact you in your locker to explain why.

Questions about the boards