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Hi so I'm trans ftm and am out to everyone and my school is really supportive but I don't really feel much better than I did before. Im happier that no one treats me like a girl and calls me my birth name anymore so I'm confused on why I still feel miserable. I don't want to tell anyone as it will make me look confused about my gender but I'm not.

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Hi there,

Being trans can bring up lots of feelings, even with people who are sure about their gender. It’s normal to find it confusing and it’s important for you to know that however you’re feeling is okay.

It’s great to hear that you’re out at school and that people there are supportive. It sounds like that has made some things easier for you but that that it hasn’t changed how you feel as much as you thought it might. I’d like you to know that that’s completely okay.

On our gender identity message board, lots of young people have shared how they’re feeling about being trans. Reading other people’s posts or even writing your own can help you to find people who’ve gone through similar things or felt the same as you.

Sometimes it can be hard to know how you’re feeling and why. It’s okay to take some time to think about how you’re feeling. Some people find it helps to write down or draw how they’re feeling. If you wanted to try that for yourself, you could use the Art box or mood journal in the locker.

It can really help to have a space to talk about these feelings with someone you trust and you feel comfortable with. It could be anybody at all that will listen to you and won’t judge you. And remember, you can always talk to a Childline counsellor any time.

Take care,


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