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Lying at an eating disorder clinic

Hi. I dont know what to do at the moment, i feel really stuck. A few months ago my school refered me to an eating disorder clinic. They gave me a form, asking all about my eating habits, and other questions about ocd, depression and anxiety. I lied on most of them. I said i had never restricted my eating, i didnt feel nervous on my own, i didnt feel fat etc. Later on i told my dad i had restricted my eating for about a week, but in that time ate 200 calories a day. I told him i had lied on the forms but he didnt want to go back and re-do, them. Now i have no idea waht to do. I have been refered to a doctor who thinks i literally cant eat because ive got an infection when i know thats not true, that ive felt like that for a long time. I know it mental but i cant say anything. I cant sleep because of my insomnia and anxiety, im eating better now but not a lot and im worried i might get depressed again. (a while ago i got very depressed about my school) Is lying on them a big deal? i just didnt want them to show it to my dad because im not ready to talk to him yet. Thanks x

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Hi there,

Lots of people have lied at some point in their life. Many people may find it difficult to tell the truth about certain things and there can be many reasons for this. Sometimes it‘s because telling the truth means admitting there’s an issue or problem and that can be a scary situation to be in.

Lying about health issues can mean you’re not getting the help and support you need. As long as the lies are being told, that probably won’t change. Remembering what has been said when you lie can be hard work and stressful. Not being able to say the truth out loud can lead to more anxiety with having to cope with everything on your own.

It can be hard to undo a lie and be honest but it is possible. Lots of people know how difficult it is to talk honestly about personal experiences and would be willing to give you another chance to talk honestly. The sooner you’re able to tell the truth the better it could be for you.

Restricting food is usually a sign of an eating problem. It can be difficult to know for sure if you have an eating disorder without speaking to someone who is trained, like a doctor. Your GP could support you with what you’re going through and even help you create an eating plan that’s right for you.

Eating problems can be a hard thing to deal with on your own. It’s important to have a balanced diet as what we eat and drink can have an effect on depressive and sad feelings. Staying healthy physically can help you stay emotionally healthy and improve sleep too. Getting regular sleep is another important way to stay healthy and if you’re struggling to sleep there are things that you can do to try to improve that.

Talking honestly to someone can help you understand more and see things differently. Remember that Childline is always here to support you.

Take care


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