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my weird religion

hi Sam.both my parents are catholic and my siblings ar atheist.I believe in the norse's weird telling people about this because no one takes you seriously.i have Viking ancestry and I love Viking history and culture and I believe in their gods.norse worshipers and christians aren't really know for being...friendly with each other for obvious historical reasons.what do I do??

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Hi there,

Part of what makes people interesting and unique are the differences between them. Everyone should respect the differences that people have so it’s possible to live together without problems. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs and values. But it’s also okay for others to respectfully disagree with those beliefs.

Beliefs become an important part of who we are. You have a right to your belief in the Norse gods and people should respect that right. Even though we might respect someone’s right to believe something, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it as true ourselves.

Nobody should bully you for your faith or religion or make you feel bad about yourself. But they might say things that go against your values or even think what you believe isn’t real. They shouldn’t discriminate against you. If someone disagrees with your beliefs, they should still be polite and respectful.

Some beliefs might be hateful or harmful to others, so you might decide those beliefs don’t deserve your respect. But you can still be respectful to the person who has those beliefs and understand they have a right to their views.

For someone to respect you as a person they should consider your feelings and to treat you fairly, no matter what you believe. If someone is of a different religion to you, or has no religion at all, you can still get along if you each treat each other with respect.

A big part of growing up is to better understand your own values and beliefs. They might change over time or you may become more confident that they represent who you are. To be able to share your beliefs with others without it feeling weird needs confidence in yourself. What you believe is just as valid as what someone else believes.

What we have in common is that we all hold values and beliefs of some kind – and they may be challenged at some point. It might be helpful for you to talk to other young people who have had their beliefs challenged and how they learned to not let it affect them and their relationships. The message boards could be a great place to do that. And remember you can always talk to one of counsellors at any time.

I’m really glad you sent this letter.

Take care,


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