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Hi my name is liz and im confuseibecause over the summer i went to a summer club and meet a boy that i knew from like three yrs ago and we started talking and the hugging and holding hands. And we went out for like 3 days but then he said that it wouldn't work and then i kind of beg for him to stay and then that worked for like a day and then he said the same thing again the next day so then after that i gave up but he still wants to be friends but every time i text or call him he won't Pick up or answer my texts and im really confused please give me some advice thank you .

Confused teenager 😀

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Hi there,

It can be difficult when you’ve developed feelings for someone and they’re responding in different ways. It’s great that you’re asking for some advice as I can tell how confusing this situation has been.

Just as you can’t control how you feel about him, he isn’t able to either. When you care about someone who just wants to be friends it can make it difficult to know what’s best. It might be useful to find more support through our page on relationships and friendships.

In any healthy relationship it is important to be able to communicate openly. And when someone isn’t replying to you, it can be confusing or stressful. But you don’t have to be alone with those feelings.

Your feelings matter, when you aren’t able to express them to the person it can help to talk to someone you trust. At Childline, we know it can be difficult finding someone who you trust enough to talk to. Know that every counsellor here would be glad to support you through your feelings.

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