Coping with world news

There’s been lots of news about the police in America, the death of George Floyd and the protests that have happened since. No matter how you’re feeling about it, we’re here to support you.

Hearing about world news can have a big effect on us. If you’re worried, upset or angry by what’s happened, there are things you can do to help:

  • Talk to someone you trust
    Talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling, or ask an adult you trust questions about what’s happening
  • Get support if you’re angry
    Everybody deserves justice. Lots of people are angry at the police, but others are angry at the protesters. If you’re feeling angry because of what’s happened, it can help to let your feelings out before you react
  • Take a break
    When the news is talking a lot about the protests, it can be hard to get away from it. Try doing something that relaxes you for a while, or turning off notifications so you’re not always seeing what’s happening
  • Check what information you look at
    Not everything you read or see online will be accurate, and it’s not always easy to spot what’s fake. Try to use reliable news websites like Newsround to get updates
  • Do something positive
    You could try supporting a friend who’s upset, or sharing something positive online. Doing things to help other people can help you to cope and feel more in control

Want to talk about the news or what’s happening? You can share your feelings safely and anonymously on the message boards.

Updated: 3rd June, 2020