7 ways to clear up your social feed

The people and tags you follow or subscribe to help apps like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube decide what content you’ll see. It’s a great way to see things you’re interested in, but sometimes content can you make feel down or worried.

Try our tips to help clear the clutter and feel better when you scroll.

Next time you’re scrolling, have a think about the posts you’re seeing:

  1. Remind yourself that photos aren’t always realistic
    Filters and editing can make you feel like you have to reach impossible standards or like you’re not good enough. If a post makes you feel bad about yourself, it might be time to unfollow.
  2. Think about how a post or video makes you feel
    If something helps you to cope or feel good about yourself, then great. But if it makes you scared, angry or insecure, it might be time to unsubscribe.
  3. Remember you can mute people that you’re worried about unfollowing
    People don’t know when they’re muted, and it’s a great way to stop seeing someone when you’re worried about unfollowing them.
  4. Unfollow unhealthy groups
    If a group pushes you to lose weight unhealthily, hurt yourself or makes you feel stuck, it’s time to leave and get support somewhere else. Remember, you can report worrying content any time.
  5. Check if what you’re seeing is actually just an advert
    Some influencers get paid or given freebies to show things off. They should make it clear if it’s an ad, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Even if a post isn’t labelled as an ad, remind yourself that they still may be trying to sell you things.
  6. Look at who you’re following and subscribed to
    If you’ve been following someone for a long time, think about whether you still want to. It can feel good to unfollow people you don’t want to see anymore.
  7. Follow something new that makes you feel good
    Whether it’s pictures of cats, inspirational quotes or Childline’s Instagram page, try following hashtags and people that’ll help you to feel good without being pressured.

What are your tips for feeling good online? Share your ideas on the message boards.

Updated: 1st February 2021