House Rules - Message Boards

Please don't:

  • include any personal info about yourself or somebody you know like surnames, school names, numbers, email addresses or links to social networking profiles
  • talk about specific locations – you can share info like a large city or county, but specific locations like a small town or the name of your local park could be unsafe
  • post details of an event you're attending like a university open day, music festival or court case or discuss meeting up
  • create different accounts to try and confuse or mislead other young people on the boards or share your account or password with anybody else - if we think you’ve done this, your account may be locked
  • post any remarks that discriminate against people, for example, sexist, transphobic, racist or homophobic
  • post graphic or detailed descriptions of harmful behaviour, your appearance, explicit language or sexual acts. It’s OK to ask for advice but you can’t ask for tips on how to carry out unsafe behaviour or sexual acts
  • post sentences or phrases written in other languages which excludes others from the conversation
  • exaggerate or make up things you know are not true
  • post messages with information that is used or copied from another website including links, blogs, big chunks of text or song lyrics
  • post surveys or questionnaires - if you want to know what the community think about a certain issue then post questions or an idea for a survey in Childline Information.