Feeling Low

Everyone can feel down sometimes, but there’s always help available and ways you can feel better.

Feeling down sometimes

There are times when everybody feels down. Maybe you’re feeling down because you didn’t do as well at something as you hoped to. Or you could be feeling worried about someone or something. Everyone can get these feelings from time to time.

When you’re feeling down there are things you can do that can help you feel better:

  • Share your feelings
    Sharing your feelings with a safe adult or Childline can really help you feel better. Remember no problem is too big or too small.
  • Do something relaxing
    You could try listening to relaxing music or visit the Calm Zone, which is full of things like breathing exercises and yoga videos that can help you feel better.
  • Express your feelings
    The Art Box can be a good way for you to get these feelings out.
  • Do something positive
    This could be exercise or doing something nice for somebody else. Our coping kit has lots of ideas for you.
  • Play a game
    Sometimes a good game can take your mind off things. You could try designing your dream room in Build Your Happy Place or playing our car racing game Grand Prix Hero.

Feeling down most of the time

Maybe you’re feeling down most of the time because you’re being bullied or things are difficult at home. These things are not ok and are not your fault.  School could also be difficult for you or you could miss someone you care about. There could be other reasons and maybe you don't know why you're feeling down.

If you’re feeling like this then talking to a safe adult or Childline can really help. You’re not alone and you deserve to get the support you need to feel happy.