Dealing with change

Change can be hard to cope with, especially if you’re not feeling prepared for it. But there are ways you can feel more in control.

Why change can be hard

Whether it’s good or bad, change can be stressful. It can make you feel like you’re not in control, or that you’ve lost things that helped you feel comfortable. Change can sometimes mean having to learn new things or leave you with questions about your own identity.

Changes can be big or small, and sometimes more than one change can happen at once. Difficult feelings about change will often pass, and there are ways to make things easier.

Coping with changes

  • Talk about it
    Asking questions, sharing what’s difficult and getting advice from other people can really help. Talking to people you trust can help you to feel better or see things in new ways.
  • Keep a healthy routine
    Make sure you’re eating healthily, getting enough sleep and doing things that help keep you busy. Keeping a routine helps to improve your mood and can make you feel more in control.
  • Make time for yourself
    Find time each day to do things that you enjoy, or that helps you feel a sense of accomplishment. Even if it’s just a few minutes, it’s important to take time just for you.
  • Learn to accept things
    Acceptance isn’t the same as giving up, but it can mean focusing more on the future and on ways to feel positive. When you’re ready, it can help to set goals for the future or think about things you’re grateful for.
  • Take your time
    It’s natural to need time to adjust to a change. You might feel surprised, happy or even angry and that’s okay. Feelings can pass in time, but give yourself time and keep doing things to feel better.

Struggling to cope? Remember, you can always talk to us.