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Moved house to a new location

Ive just moved home with my family to a completely new area we have been here for around 3 weeks now and even though i was excited at first to go im now really missing my old house and location. Im feeling lonley now as i have not got many people i know yet and often find myself tearing up over the most silly of things, how can i help myself to adjust to this new house and location so i can feel happy again.

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Hi there,

Moving house can be stressful, even when you felt happy about moving. There are lots of things to get used to if you move to a new area like a new school or college, different shops, bus routes, teachers and friends. It can take time to adjust and settle in.

At first moving house can feel exciting, especially when there’s a lot to do - like getting organised for the move and packing things up. This can sometimes change a few days or weeks after the move when there’s less to do and you start to feel the loss of leaving somewhere you knew well. Loss is a big part of any change that happens in your life and it’s normal to feel sad at times. It’s okay to cry and to talk about how you feel, the people and the things you miss.

When everything's new and different it can feel unsettling and you might want familiar things to help you feel comfortable. It can help to keep things you're used to around you in your room so that you have a reminder of things that haven’t changed. These could be photographs, your favourite duvet, books or toys.

Making new friends can feel scary at first. A good way to meet new people is to try a new hobby, join a club or sign up for an activity at school or college. Try to be friendly and say hi, even if you feel a little nervous.

You might want to keep in touch with your old friends online or by phone a bit more while you're getting used to your new surroundings. Good friends will support you even if you’re not close by. Try telling your parents or carers how sad you feel, so that you can get some support too and you might be able to do some activities together to get to know the new area.

Remember our counsellors are always here for you if you need someone to talk to.

I hope this advice has helped. Thanks for your letter.

Take care,


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