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Coping with anger and autism

Hi sam.

Im finding it really hard to even talk to you about anything so i am proud of myself for doing it. I suffer from Autism and a couple of other mental health disorders. Roughly a year ago these problems caused me to stop attending school. I get really angry at times. You'll probably be glad to know that i am now back in education, but not in mainstream school. i attend a pupil referral unit. Sam, i was wandering that because there are not as many people there, i find that i get angry at them because i see them all the time.

Any advice on how to help my anger?

Many thanks,

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Hi there

Autism can affect many areas of life like learning, communication and building relationships with others. Because it affects people in different ways it can make it difficult to understand and, at times, harder to cope.

Anger can be a tough emotion to deal with - whether someone has autism or not - and it’s okay to be angry sometimes. It can become a problem when the anger is out of control and starts affecting your actions all of the time.

Knowing how to deal with anger can be difficult but it can help to be able to spot the signs that you’re getting angry. Understanding what’s causing you to feel anger may make it easier for you to deal with it. Learning how to deal with anger is part of growing up, just like understanding changes with your body and your reactions.

We have tips for dealing with anger that may help you. It’s important to be able to find what works for you and have the support that you deserve from others too. This may mean talking to your teacher or other trusted adults in your life. Talking can help you understand the reasons why you get angry and see things differently. Over time you’ll build the skills you need to change the way you feel.

If you’d like more support you can get in touch with a Childline counsellor or search the message boards to read what other young people who may be going through a similar experience have shared. There’s also information about dealing with anger from Young Minds that you may find offers you some extra support.

Thanks for your letter.

Take care.


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