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Autism and summer


i have aspergers and it just the start of the summer holiday. most people my age are relieved but i get more miserable everyday. when i wake up i wish the day is already over. i miss my rountine of going to school 5 days a week and a just feel so lovely. what can i do to enjoy the next 6 weeks

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Hi there,

Asperger’s Syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder, ASD, which can affect people in different ways. Sometimes everyday things can be difficult and you might feel upset when changes happen.

Having a routine and being able to order your day in a certain pattern can help you know what to expect and feel less anxious.  Unplanned changes in your usual routine, like a diversion on the way to school, might feel confusing and sometimes hard to accept. School holidays often mean lots of changes, which you might find difficult to cope with.

When you know there'll be changes, like during the summer holidays, it can help to plan ahead. Not everything will need to be different and you could use a visual calendar to help make things easier to follow. Try to keep the same meal and bedtimes as much as possible so that things feel more structured. Put your usual daily activities on the calendar and add things you enjoy doing, like going for walks, riding your bike or making cookies, so you can see what your day looks like.

If you’re going away on a holiday, being prepared can help you feel less anxious. Use your calendar to count down to the day your holiday starts and get ready for things that will be different. You could look at photos and maps of where you’re going, research the kind of food that’s available and choose where you’d like to visit while you’re there.

Remember, if your plans change it’s important to get support from friends and family, use your coping strategies like the Toolbox and you can talk to a counsellor at Childline for extra support.

Thank you for writing to me.

Take care


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