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I think I'm pregant, I've never had sex and ive never been round a boy in a sexual way. I've not started my period. I'm 13 years old and scared to tell my parents about this.

I am suffering with stomach aces and a bit of bloating I'm just not sure how I could be pregnant but I think I am. Is there any way I would test to see if I'm pregnant withought a test?

Please help

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Hi there,

Lots of young people worry about pregnancy so it’s great you wrote this letter to me. Worrying whether you’re pregnant can make you feel scared and alone, but there are ways to get help.

It’s only possible for a woman to get to pregnant if she has sex or sexual contact with a man. Sperm has to come into contact with the vagina. So from what you’ve told me, it doesn’t sound like you are pregnant.

You mentioned having stomach aches and bloating, and this could be caused by lots of things. Sometimes girls get stomach aches and bloating around the time of a period or when their body is getting ready to have their first period. But if you’re ever worried about a health problem, it’s really important to get help as soon as you can.

If you ever wanted to check to see if you’re pregnant, taking a pregnancy test is usually the quickest way of finding out. You can get free tests at sexual health clinics. You can also buy them from a pharmacy and most supermarkets.

You can also check by going to visit your GP or a nurse, who will do a physical examination (check your body, particularly around your stomach area). You can go without a parent or carer if you’re over 16. But it’s only usually possible for a doctor or a nurse to be sure that someone’s pregnant by checking this way further along in the pregnancy.

If a GP or nurse thinks you might be pregnant, they may also carry out a general examination on you at the medical centre with your permission. It’s worth thinking about someone you trust to go with you. There’s lots of information and health advice about pregnancy on the NHS website.

You sound as though you’re feeling really worried about the changes you’ve noticed in your body and how it feels. It could really help to talk with a Childline Counsellor some more about how you’re feeling. They’re always there to listen.

Take care,


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