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Period abnormalities

Hi Sam, basically I got my period in August and another in September but I didn’t have one until about a week ago which I’m pretty sure isn’t normal? I also read that most periods last for five days and mine’s been going on for eight or nine now with no signs of slowing down. Is this normal? I also used to get really bad cramps which I don’t have anymore, is that unusual? thanks

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Hi there,

Periods are different for everyone and can change over time. For some people they are very regular and predictable but for others they can be irregular and difficult to know when it's going to happen.

It's normal for periods to be irregular when they first begin - you might have your first period then not have another for months. This isn't anything to worry about and your period will probably become regular after a while. Some people never get into a regular pattern with their period and can have irregular periods all of the time. You won't know this until you are older and have had enough periods to know if there is any pattern in them.

Not only can the regularity of a period change, but the length can be different too. Having a period that is longer or shorter than others doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong and it's not something to worry about when it happens from time to time.

Cramps, headaches and feeling sick are all common side effects of periods and lots of women experience those. If you’re in a lot of pain or if you experience many side effects you might be able to get help from your GP. Often birth control pills are used to regulate periods to take the negative symptoms away. If you're already taking birth control such as the pill or the implant, this will likely mean your period stops or is very light.

If you are worried about your period - if it seems very unusual to you or if something doesn't feel right it is okay to go to your doctor to talk about it. Our counsellors can give general advice about coping with periods but won't be able to give you the same medical advice that a doctor or sexual health professional could.

I hope this has helped, if you want to know more you can also take a look at Brook's page on periods.

Take care.


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