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talking to my parents about awkward things

hi sam i have a health concern that is quite private and i want to tell my mum but i feel like shell get awkward and discredit it or because i had a surgery recently they sont want anything to do with medical things for a while. i dont know how to approach her and how to get help particularly as the only way is for someone to touch me

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Hi there,

It is natural to feel awkward discussing things that are private, even with people who are close to us. There can be worries about how the other person might react, whether they'll take you and your issue seriously and whether they're the right person to help and offer support. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to make sure you're talking to the right person and to prepare in advance of any conversation you feel ready to have. Whatever you decide to do, you do not have to go through it alone, there's always help available.

Once you've decided who is the right person to speak to, how well you know them, how comfortable you will feel talking to them and making sure they will be available, it's important to choose the right time and place. Life can be busy, so it's important to try to find a time when this person might be free or can be available for you. Remember, you want their full attention. Getting the right place is helpful too: you might want somewhere quiet or private and away from people you know who might be curious about what's going on.

It can also be helpful to prepare what you're going to say. Some young people write down what they want to say in a letter to give to the person at a safe time, or just to practice and others rehearse important conversations with a counsellor at Childline. When you're having your conversation and it could be with your parent or carer, it's good to be open and honest about how you feel and about the help that you need. Highlight your health concerns and the fact that you really want to get help. Explain your situation and how you've been feeling but also give the other person time to listen and understand what you're saying.

Your health is important and as well as talking to someone, you can visit the Childline message boards where young people talk about and give support around all sorts of issues.

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